About us

  • Our goal is to empower our clients to be really healthy and happy.
  • We believe that a natural, wholistic approach, using a minimum of prescription medications, is the best way to accomplish that goal. The safety record of natural approaches seems far better than that of prescription meds. 
  • We assist folks with serious emotional and physical issues, including difficult issues such as cancer, MS, and obesity. We also treat the traumas of accidents, abuse, and combat. We take special interest in those conditions for which conventional medical and psychological care is unhelpful, too expensive, or has troublesome side effects.

Fees for services start at $50 per hour. We do a small percentage of our services without charge when there is no money, and provide some “package discounts” to accommodate tight budgets.  We welcome your check and most major credit cards. 

Our accessible, two story clinic is in Tracy, SW Minnesota, USA, a small town atmosphere 30 miles from the nearest traffic light.  FIR saunas, exercise space, healing library, and dispensary are on site, with shopping and inexpensive lodging nearby.

As we do not work with insurance companies, all work is completely confidential, with any release of information subject only to court order. You and you alone decide who is to know about your work. 

Sooner or later, you’ll be ready for a free chat about your health concerns and how we may be able to help. Benefits can be LASTING. Call us at (507) 629 3900 or email helpingtohealclinic@iw.net. Normal hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Friday; other hours are available as you may need them.