My remarkable experience with BodyTalk...

Have you heard of the new therapy called BodyTalk?  The theory behind the work is something like this: Our body/mind should know how to heal itself, but that sometimes, the body is not exactly aware of what’s going on in its various parts.  An example is breast cancer-- the body knows perfectly well how to generate the necessary chemistry to reverse breast cancer, but it doesn’t always get the job done because it may not be aware of the problem until it’s too late.  Enter a need for better communication between various parts of the body, mind and spirit.  I first learned about BodyTalk by taking a class in Sioux Falls SD, called, BodyTalk Access, which provides some of the basics of how it works, and offers some simple things that anyone can do to promote self healing.  (I hear there is to be another such class offered in Sioux Falls on January 10th, 2015. Cost is $150, with $15 reduction if you reserve a seat by December 10. It is well worth it in my judgement. You can learn more about that class by going to, and scrolling down to the description of that course, with opportunity to pre-register. ) As an old physicist who knows something about the quantum mechanical view of how the world is actually put together, I was very impressed. BodyTalk may be the first real therapy for holistic healing. 


After attending the BodyTalk Access class myself, I became very interested in training to become a practitioner. In order to learn for myself just how a session felt, I scheduled an appointment with experienced practitioner Angela Johnson of Sioux Falls (, . Although I’m an old guy, I don’t have many aches and pains, but did remember that I have this “plumbing issue’, with need to use the bathroom more often than I’d like, especially at night.  So I put that on my intake form, not knowing at all whether anything could be done about it.  (I already KNEW what I could expect if I went to a urologist; I would get an Rx and advice to come back in six months.) Before we started working, I asked her what a typical healing time might be for someone with a serious condition, such as cardio or cancer.  She wisely responded that it really depends upon how much “baggage” the client comes in with. Sometimes there are many layers that one must go through in order to reach the root cause. Satisfied, I excused myself to use the bathroom, and we then moved ahead with a gentle, noninvasive BodyTalk session that lasted an hour. 


When the session finished, I paid her and returned to my home that evening.  I had NO problem with a bathroom need all the way home (total of 4 hours), nor was my sleep interrupted during the night. That success of “normality” has continued, now, for almost three weeks. IT IS GREAT!!!!  I would strongly recommend Angela’s work to anyone with a health issue who would like to heal the problem without prescription meds. (That seems to include darned near everyone these days...)  BodyTalk just might be the best healing modality out there, and I really appreciated the healing assistance of this “wonder woman”!  Contact her about what is ailing you:  605 521 5281. I’d be pleased if you tell her that the old physicist said you should call her!  



Received an email from a friend a few weeks ago; "S" had written this late in the evening.  He was really hurting.  (If you've ever had a problem with the organs and tissues in the reproductive area, you know what I'm talking about.)  His prostate was enlarged, and hurting big time.  For those of you who're not quite sure just what role this organ plays in the male body, here's a quote from Wikipedia:

The function of the prostate is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance,[15] that usually constitutes roughly 30% of the volume of the semen along with spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid.[15] Semen is made alkaline overall with the secretions from the other contributing glands, including, at least, the seminal vesicle fluid.[16] The alkalinity of semen helps neutralize the acidity of the vaginal tract, prolonging the lifespan of sperm. The prostatic fluid is expelled in the first ejaculate fractions, together with most of the spermatozoa. In comparison with the few spermatozoa expelled together with mainly seminal vesicular fluid, those expelled in prostatic fluid have better motility, longer survival and better protection of the genetic material. (

Sometimes, the reason for the inflammation is a bacteria, which western medicine would then treat with an antibiotic.  With "natural" therapy as we do at Helping to Heal, I chose to use a silver preparation, Nanosilver Complex Concentrate, which has all of the advantages of colloidal silver (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal) but which, as it is "complexed", will not build up in the body and cause algyria (grey skin condition) which is known to happen when large/continual doses of colloidal silver are used. 

So, I put him on the Nanosilver Complex.  He was already on a probiotic (necessary when a nanosilver or colloidal silver is used, as being antibacterial, it can wipe out the beneficial bacteria in the gut and mess up the digestion/absorption of food.  I did put him on a gentle immune booster, rich in the right kind of Japanese mushrooms.  I also did some Qigong on him.  In my method of doing that, I usually check the health of the liver, the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and both kidneys, just be sure they're healthy.  In this case, I also checked the pubic area where the prostate is located.  It's Quality of Health was down at ~ 10, compared to an optimum value of 100.  So I worked especially on the groin, and brought it back up to where it should be.  At the same time, I had S. hold one of our Infratonic 9 instruments, which research shows has a similar function to that of a Qigong master.  Finally, I checked the chakras.  My device for evaluating the chakras is simply a small "plumb bob" (as my carpenter son would call it!)-- a small piece of rock on the end of a light chain.  I attempt to hold the device stationary over the chakra location, and observe the movement.  If the movement is clockwise in roughly a circle, with a decent radius (e.g. 2 inch radius), I count that as "healthy.  If the movement is COUNTERCLOCKWISE, that's a bad sign.  If the movement is linear, that's also a bad sign.  In S's case, the rotation was HUGE, circular, but COUNTERCLOCKWISE.  Definitely not a good sign, according to my training.  I fixed it so it went to clockwise, but took some time.  

We will see soon how well the therapy has worked; if necessary, we'll get a little more aggressive, but so far, so good.  More than one way to get the job done....





“WHY do you want to take lessons in tying cheese? You don’t even like cheese all that much and when we were growing up on the farm, you never even learned how to milk a cow”, said my older sister when I mentioned my latest wellness interest to her a few years ago. Sis is a little hard of hearing.  “It’s a Chinese exercise, and it’s called Tai Chi”. She furrowed her brow at me as though I had cooked up another reason to spend money. “I am getting older, and I’d like to keep my muscle tone for garden work and snow shoveling, maybe even a marathon some day!” It sounded like a good excuse, so I stuck with it. “You know, we used to think that after the age of 40, people would lose eight percent or more of their muscle mass with each passing decade. But, according to a recent study of 40 competitive runners, cyclists and swimmers, ages 40 to 81, the athletes in their 70s and 80s had almost as much thigh muscle mass as the athletes in their 40s. Doesn’t it seem like a good idea to keep as fit as I can?”  She was silent for a moment.  “Okay, tell me more about this new exercise, Tai Chi.”  “Sis, I’m getting too old for football. Tai Chi has been around for a few thousand years, and it’s said to be good for balance and muscle tone, especially for us old folks. I’ve seen internet videos of Chinese people, hundreds of them doing Tai Chi in the parks in the morning....”  “You don’t have enough money to go to China.”  I told her that a local teacher was starting a Tai Chi class, beginning soon. “Tai Chi is really good for balance and coordination and so I’m less likely to fall off the ladder when I’m cleaning the eave spouts in the fall, or shoveling snow in the winter. Here’s something I read from Harvard Health Publications a few years ago:


Tai chi is often described as meditation in motion, but it might well be called medication in motion.  There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren’t in top shape or the best of health...Tai chi differs from other types of exercise. The movements are usually circular and never forced, the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, the joints are not fully extended or bent, and connective tissues are not stretched.  Tai chi can be easily adapted for anyone from the most fit to people confined to wheelchairs or recovering from surgery...” 


I paused to take a breath. “So, what do you think?”  “It does sound interesting. It would keep you out of mischief one night a week. Could I join the class, too??” I thought she would never ask!  (Author’s note:  This special column was written as a courtesy to TAHS teacher Roger Benson, who will be starting a Tai Chi class soon, in downtown Tracy.  Roger has been a student of Tai Chi for many years, and welcomes folks of all ages to this gentle form of exercise.) 



1.  THE INFRATONIC 9   Although it was on our agenda for the October 18th Wellness Workshop, I did not get a chance to introduce everyone to a very interesting instrument that we now have at Helping To Heal.  It is called the Infratonic 9, made by Sound Vitality (, and is for the relief of a host of conditions, ranging from sore shoulders to heavy emotional issues.  When you pick it up and turn it on, it sits there in your hand and vibrates gently, over a whole range of various frequencies;  it is about as “NONinvasive” as one can find.  One of the best ways to learn something about it is to just go to Youtube, where there are several short Youtube videos presented by the developer of the Infratonic line, Richard Lee.  One is at   I’ve had some personal experience with the first one we ordered, and years ago had good experience with an earlier model, developed for equine use.  My sense is that it does what the Infratonic videos say it does.  (I had a really sore right knee last night, from hauling pails of shelled corn down to our basement for our corn stove. Went to bed and it was hurting.  In the middle of the night, I got up and brought the Infratonic back to bed with me (that’s about as romantic a night time encounter as a 75 year old guy has!), fell asleep with the unit in place; awoke about an hour later and that pain was largely gone (they claim 80-85% removal of pain, that seems about right), but then I had a pain in my right shoulder, so moved the device to that spot for the next hour.  When I arose this morning (still confused by the cessation of Daylight Savings Time!), both pains had nearly vanished. )


We have now purchased two more of these units; they’re not cheap, but they promise to help in the relief of pain, perhaps much more. They are designed to simulate the work of a Qigong practitioner, looks like perhaps they do just that.  Because of the initial cost, we’re planning to have them available on a weekly rental basis for folks who have pain or who simply wish to accelerate the healing from an injury.  Or, just stop in and you can relax on a massage table with the thing for a while and see what it does for you.  


2.  REMEDY FOR LOW THYROID  If you’ve been a guest at our clinic and I was able to work with you, I may have heard you mention “cold hands/cold feet” or any of the other symptoms of low thyroid function, and we probably talked about the likelihood that the low thyroid was simply due to insufficient Iodine daily intake.  Iodine supplementation seems to solve most problems of low thyroid function that we have run into, and our usual remedy for that was daily intake of an Iodine based product called “IODORAL”.  A few days ago, I saw that we were getting low on Iodoral-- it’s very popular-- so called our source for another shipment.  They advised that we’d not be able to place a re-order until the end of November!  So, I finally called the supplier of IODINE COMPLEX,  the product we use for Iodine treatment with cancer patients. IODINE COMPLEX contains elemental iodine, plus sodium iodide and potassium iodide, in a complex designed to make it more easily absorbable.  The price was no higher than the Iodoral. So, from now on, we’ll plan to stock the IODINE COMPLEX rather than the Iodoral. It is in capsule form, rather than tablet, so the absorption should be better and we’re going to bet that it will work even better for you than the Iodoral did.  




Preventative Health Care: What I Would Do...


As I was preparing my breakfast this morning, we received a phone call from a relative, who wondered if we could care for their school age child who awoke with a fever this morning.  Of course we were glad to do it; that’s what grandparents are for, but at the same time, I realized that not many parents are on top of ways to keep their children healthy at this time of year.  The western medical profession does what they’re able to do, and some may not be as forthcoming with advice as they might be if their medical education was paid for and their license was secure from being yanked if they said the wrong thing. (And, healthy kids don’t make money for medical clinics.) So, here’s my own advice. There’s no charge for this counsel, so it's at least worth that much. It's probably worth much more than that. You decide. Remember, I’m not an MD or PA or NP. I’m an old PhD physicist/beekeeper/classicalnaturopath who doesn’t have 25 years of experience in health care-- I have 30 years of experience as a physicist, only 15 years in health care. 



I’m going to assume that your child is a normal, healthy child. (If there is diabetes, cancer or other pesky conditions, the advice may be different.)

 I’d suggest a daily vitamin D3 intake of about 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 for every 25 pounds of body weight. If s/he weighs 75 pounds, then the dose would be about 3,000 IU daily.  If the child is very young, you can administer it as a liquid if s/he can’t swallow the tiny capsules.  During the summer, some of this vitamin D will be absorbed from the sun, if s/he plays out of doors.  From September through April in Minnesota, it’s difficult to get it from the sun, so go for supplements.  Vitamin D3 is dirt cheap and very healthy. We sell 5000 IU capsules for about ten cents each. Work out the arithmetic so s/he gets the right amount on a daily basis.  One 5000 IU capsule given every 5 days provides 1000 IU daily.  A daily dark vegetable and/or a handful of sunflower seeds will help absorption.  Ideally, have the child tested periodically to be sure that his/her vitamin D3 serum level is in the vicinity of 40 to 80 ng/ml, via the 25(OH) vitamin D test.  (Mail in kits are available to do this.) Too little vitamin D3 may increase the risk of various cancers.  Way too much D3 is not good, but not usually not real serious.

 For infections (colds, flu, and such):  Noncorn vitamin C is helpful for prevention, although it’s almost impossible to find.  Vitamin C from (GMO) corn may be about 25% as effective, possibly worse, especially for cancer treatment. We stock noncorn vitamin C for cancer treatment and these can be helpful for bacterial, viral and probably fungal infections.  My personal preference for such conditions is called Nanosilver Complex Concentrate, made by BioImmune, Inc., and which we stock.  Silver in a complex will not build up in the body as does ordinary colloidal silver, and it is found to be antibiotic, antifungal AND antiviral.  You will want to take a probiotic with it (spaced by an hour from when you take the Nanosilver) to replenish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.  Nanosilver Complex Concentrate is not cheap, but it works, it has no taste, no side effects, it even resolves MRSA-- and I keep it in our medicine cabinet for serious conditions.  (Nanosilver Complex is probably helpful in treating Ebola, too, but it’s not politically correct to talk about that right now.)  

 Overall health for kids:  Unless you live in CA and have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, give them a good quality daily multivitamin.  That will help.  Natural Vitality has a good one which is plant based and in a liquid form; add it to juice.  


I’d have the same recommendations for your consumption of vitamin D3 as I gave you for children: 1000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight, taken daily. (My weight is about 180, so I take about 7,000 IU daily.) For serious infections, I take 1/2 tsp Nanosilver Complex, 3x daily until symptoms are gone. I also take a good probiotic over the period of treatment, though spaced by an hour from when the Nanosilver is taken.  

Consider the herbal Protandim for long term health benefits at affordable cost.  It stimulates the body to produce its own antioxidants (1 "molecule" of Protandim appears to be as effective as one million molecules of vitamin C) and my experience is that I just don't get sick when I'm taking it. I suspect it may also prevent some heart disease. See and   for further information. Protandim works, and is free of side effects.  If your system is quite toxic (as with smokers), you may experience some low level "flu-like" symptoms for a few days at the start, as the milk thistle (one of five herbals in it) detoxes the liver. The cost is about $45 per month, which makes for a really cheap health assurance policy. There are lots of distributors around-- it's sold as a multilevel marketing product--the company seems to be a very reliable one to deal with.  (Full disclosure:  I am a distributor; last year I made $150 selling it!) 

 BUSINESS OWNERS: To keep your staff healthy and productive, consider dispensing free vitamin D3 to them. It will cost you about 10 cents per day (1 cent per hour) for each employee, or maybe 25 cents per day if you do it for the whole family.  Imagine how your health insurance premiums could drop if no one is getting sick!  For yourself and/or key employees, consider daily Protandim. That will cost about a buck fifty daily each, or a twenty cent per hour increase. Is it worth that to have your employees’ loyalty, respect and increased productivity for what you’re helping them do for their health and longevity? That's what I would do...


If you were diagnosed with cancer anywhere in the body, chances are the next conversation you had that day was with an oncologist who stood ready to put you on chemotherapy.  Before you start chemo, see if you can get a clear unequivocal answer to your question of, “Will this really prolong my life?”  Based on research done in both Australia and the US, published in Clin Oncol 2004 December, chemo may help significantly with testicular cancer (37.7%)%) or Hodgkin’s disease (40.3%).  With most other cancers, the odds that it will help you live past 5 years are less than 10%, zero for many of them.  Research also indicates that chemo and radiation tend to bring cancer back, not a good thing. If you’re seeking to reverse cancer, we’d suggest you try chemo and radiation only as a last resort, regardless of what your oncologist says.  Apparently oncologists make much of their income by commission on the use of chemo drugs. If the nutrition is good (organic veggies, no dairy, meat, or sugar), if you do daily imagery, clean out the emotional closets (EFT is good for this) to get rid of all the anger and guilt, and if you follow a healthy nutritionally based treatment protocol, you’ll probably be just fine. We work with cancer patients; we might be able to work with you...

 If you have OTHER pesky conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, you should also consider daily Protandim. (See the videos for adults, above.)  It seems that in a great many degenerative diseases, if you search out the root causes, you find that “oxidative stress” is a big player in how these conditions get started.  Protandim has been shown to markedly reduce oxidative stress, by about 50% in a month or so.  It’s a reasonable guess that if oxidative stress is reduced, many of the symptoms of the disease may simply fade away.