Preventative Health Care: What I Would Do...


As I was preparing my breakfast this morning, we received a phone call from a relative, who wondered if we could care for their school age child who awoke with a fever this morning.  Of course we were glad to do it; that’s what grandparents are for, but at the same time, I realized that not many parents are on top of ways to keep their children healthy at this time of year.  The western medical profession does what they’re able to do, and some may not be as forthcoming with advice as they might be if their medical education was paid for and their license was secure from being yanked if they said the wrong thing. (And, healthy kids don’t make money for medical clinics.) So, here’s my own advice. There’s no charge for this counsel, so it's at least worth that much. It's probably worth much more than that. You decide. Remember, I’m not an MD or PA or NP. I’m an old PhD physicist/beekeeper/classicalnaturopath who doesn’t have 25 years of experience in health care-- I have 30 years of experience as a physicist, only 15 years in health care. 



I’m going to assume that your child is a normal, healthy child. (If there is diabetes, cancer or other pesky conditions, the advice may be different.)

 I’d suggest a daily vitamin D3 intake of about 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 for every 25 pounds of body weight. If s/he weighs 75 pounds, then the dose would be about 3,000 IU daily.  If the child is very young, you can administer it as a liquid if s/he can’t swallow the tiny capsules.  During the summer, some of this vitamin D will be absorbed from the sun, if s/he plays out of doors.  From September through April in Minnesota, it’s difficult to get it from the sun, so go for supplements.  Vitamin D3 is dirt cheap and very healthy. We sell 5000 IU capsules for about ten cents each. Work out the arithmetic so s/he gets the right amount on a daily basis.  One 5000 IU capsule given every 5 days provides 1000 IU daily.  A daily dark vegetable and/or a handful of sunflower seeds will help absorption.  Ideally, have the child tested periodically to be sure that his/her vitamin D3 serum level is in the vicinity of 40 to 80 ng/ml, via the 25(OH) vitamin D test.  (Mail in kits are available to do this.) Too little vitamin D3 may increase the risk of various cancers.  Way too much D3 is not good, but not usually not real serious.

 For infections (colds, flu, and such):  Noncorn vitamin C is helpful for prevention, although it’s almost impossible to find.  Vitamin C from (GMO) corn may be about 25% as effective, possibly worse, especially for cancer treatment. We stock noncorn vitamin C for cancer treatment and these can be helpful for bacterial, viral and probably fungal infections.  My personal preference for such conditions is called Nanosilver Complex Concentrate, made by BioImmune, Inc., and which we stock.  Silver in a complex will not build up in the body as does ordinary colloidal silver, and it is found to be antibiotic, antifungal AND antiviral.  You will want to take a probiotic with it (spaced by an hour from when you take the Nanosilver) to replenish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.  Nanosilver Complex Concentrate is not cheap, but it works, it has no taste, no side effects, it even resolves MRSA-- and I keep it in our medicine cabinet for serious conditions.  (Nanosilver Complex is probably helpful in treating Ebola, too, but it’s not politically correct to talk about that right now.)  

 Overall health for kids:  Unless you live in CA and have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, give them a good quality daily multivitamin.  That will help.  Natural Vitality has a good one which is plant based and in a liquid form; add it to juice.  


I’d have the same recommendations for your consumption of vitamin D3 as I gave you for children: 1000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight, taken daily. (My weight is about 180, so I take about 7,000 IU daily.) For serious infections, I take 1/2 tsp Nanosilver Complex, 3x daily until symptoms are gone. I also take a good probiotic over the period of treatment, though spaced by an hour from when the Nanosilver is taken.  

Consider the herbal Protandim for long term health benefits at affordable cost.  It stimulates the body to produce its own antioxidants (1 "molecule" of Protandim appears to be as effective as one million molecules of vitamin C) and my experience is that I just don't get sick when I'm taking it. I suspect it may also prevent some heart disease. See and   for further information. Protandim works, and is free of side effects.  If your system is quite toxic (as with smokers), you may experience some low level "flu-like" symptoms for a few days at the start, as the milk thistle (one of five herbals in it) detoxes the liver. The cost is about $45 per month, which makes for a really cheap health assurance policy. There are lots of distributors around-- it's sold as a multilevel marketing product--the company seems to be a very reliable one to deal with.  (Full disclosure:  I am a distributor; last year I made $150 selling it!) 

 BUSINESS OWNERS: To keep your staff healthy and productive, consider dispensing free vitamin D3 to them. It will cost you about 10 cents per day (1 cent per hour) for each employee, or maybe 25 cents per day if you do it for the whole family.  Imagine how your health insurance premiums could drop if no one is getting sick!  For yourself and/or key employees, consider daily Protandim. That will cost about a buck fifty daily each, or a twenty cent per hour increase. Is it worth that to have your employees’ loyalty, respect and increased productivity for what you’re helping them do for their health and longevity? That's what I would do...


If you were diagnosed with cancer anywhere in the body, chances are the next conversation you had that day was with an oncologist who stood ready to put you on chemotherapy.  Before you start chemo, see if you can get a clear unequivocal answer to your question of, “Will this really prolong my life?”  Based on research done in both Australia and the US, published in Clin Oncol 2004 December, chemo may help significantly with testicular cancer (37.7%)%) or Hodgkin’s disease (40.3%).  With most other cancers, the odds that it will help you live past 5 years are less than 10%, zero for many of them.  Research also indicates that chemo and radiation tend to bring cancer back, not a good thing. If you’re seeking to reverse cancer, we’d suggest you try chemo and radiation only as a last resort, regardless of what your oncologist says.  Apparently oncologists make much of their income by commission on the use of chemo drugs. If the nutrition is good (organic veggies, no dairy, meat, or sugar), if you do daily imagery, clean out the emotional closets (EFT is good for this) to get rid of all the anger and guilt, and if you follow a healthy nutritionally based treatment protocol, you’ll probably be just fine. We work with cancer patients; we might be able to work with you...

 If you have OTHER pesky conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, you should also consider daily Protandim. (See the videos for adults, above.)  It seems that in a great many degenerative diseases, if you search out the root causes, you find that “oxidative stress” is a big player in how these conditions get started.  Protandim has been shown to markedly reduce oxidative stress, by about 50% in a month or so.  It’s a reasonable guess that if oxidative stress is reduced, many of the symptoms of the disease may simply fade away.   


What's this About Energy Healing??

I went to a conference in LaJolla, CA about 15 years ago.  In between sessions you get to browse through the conference bookstore and make a wish list of all the books you’d like to take home with you.  This was a gathering of professionals and other folks interested in what many of us call “energy work”-- a step or two beyond the “tissue touch” of massage and the “joint work” of chiropractic.  Energy work is usually done without any need to actually physically TOUCH the patient.  Sounds just a little strange, but you know, when we go to church on Sunday morning and the pastor asks us to join in prayer for Mrs. Johnson who is in the hospital a hundred miles away, we just join in without giving much thought to the intervening distance.  How can that work?  Anyway, getting back to the story, I was browsing, see, and a few feet away was this lady, a little taller than I, who was also looking for that special book to take home.  I recognized her from an energy class I’d taken that morning, and in a moment of reflection, I mused to her, “Y’know, I would REALLY like to actually SEE this energy stuff that we were talking about all morning...”  She looked up at me, somewhat miffed, and responded, “OH YOU WOULD, WOULD YOU?? LOOK DOWN AT MY FINGERS!”  I looked at her fingers, and coming off the tips of her fingers was a blue emanation, almost like a cold, blue flame, about an inch long.  That for me was a “Holy Sh.t” experience, for I’d never seen anything remotely like it. I carefully withdrew from the bookstore to think about it.  All the way back to Minnesota I thought about that blue energy from her fingernails.  Was that why “witches” and sorcerers are pictured as having sparks coming from their fingertips? And why the Eagles sang about, Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips...?  


A short time later, I began to take energy healing classes from Polish healer Mietek Wirkus, who had collaborated with scientists at the Meninger Clinic, then of Topeka Kansas.  Near the end of the third class, I realized, “Hey I can do this, too!”  Breathing was an important part; when the breathing was long and more frequent, the energy work we were doing was more vibrant, and the blue energy came more frequently.  I also took 4 classes with Chun Yi Lin in the Twin Cities.  At the end of the 4th class, he said to us, “This is how I do energy work.  You will learn your own methods of doing.  Practice, practice, practice!”  I then began to do energy work with clients, and sure enough, the more I practiced, the more effect the work seemed to have on my clients. And it does seem true, that everyone develops their own style.  Early on, I did a lot of “distant” energy work, a little like the “Let’s pray for Mrs. Johnson” on Sunday morning.  It became easy to visualize the form of the person in front of me, and then to work on that form in the same way as one would if the person were actually there. I then began to work on clients at our small clinic in Tracy, Minnesota, where I have been now for more than ten years.  The methods are partly “physical”, using the hand movements that were taught to me, and partly “intuitive”, just knowing in an inner way where to go and what was happening.  Of late, I have concentrated working on liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, and kidney/adrenals, since these are closely associated with health (more than, say, the patients‘ right or left elbow).  I then may ask the patient’s body to give me a ‘reading‘ of the condition of the particular organ, on, say, a scale of 0 to 100.  As in doing other intuitive work, I tend to take the first number that seems to be given to me.  Typically the numbers start out low (~ 20 to 35) and then with repeated work on the organ, they finally work into the 90s.  Recently I worked with two young women who had both had hysterectomies.  I usually do a kind of overall “scan” of the body before doing detailed work on the organs.  This time, in both cases, my sensing hand felt a “prickling” sensation at the groin, apparently because after the surgical work, no one had taken the time to smooth out the energy fields which were messed up by the surgery.  (That’s not normally something a surgeon, trained to use his sharp knives, has learned to do!)  Both patients‘ chakras were messed up also, as one can determine with, say, a small pendulum. It usually takes a few minutes to get the chakras going in the right direction; when the chakra work is finished, I usually provide the client with a handout which can teach her how to balance her chakras via visualization.  The chakras seem to be an indicator of the overall physical vitality of that region of the body.   




WE frequently do hypnosis at the clinic.  Sometimes it’s to expose a troubling memory about something that happened to the patient-- we’ve fixed a few migraines that way-- sometimes it provides new insight to an infertility problem...  Recently “G”, another client came, whose experience in her two previous childbirths had not been pleasant. As I began to work with her, I was reminded of stories told by nurse friends about women of other cultures who would come in, pop out their babies and go back home!  Somehow, their births were much easier and quicker than native born American women, whose deliveries were treated more like a planned “medical emergency” than the natural course of events. The conversations that I’ve overheard as a husband/father/grandfather made me wonder why ANY woman would choose to go through the experience of PAIN, LABOR, ANGUISH, AND DRUGS, when with a little instruction and some home practice, she could opt instead to learn to block contraction and birthing discomfort through gentle hypnosis. We’ve now finished our second session, and she can almost instantly drop into a relaxed state of complete anesthesia if she so chooses, or she can alternatively choose modify that state so that she is completely normal in all parts of her body, able to walk, talk, and participate in the proceedings, except that “pain” arising from  the area from top of breasts to top of knees becomes blocked.  It’s easy to learn, and perhaps the nicest part of all is that it gives the woman CONTROL over what is happening to her.  If she begins to experience “pain”, she needn’t scream for the nurse, but can instead follow her training; those perceptions of pain will simply drop away. G has only a few weeks to go, the pregnancy is coming along just fine, and I fully expect that she will experience the birth as a relaxing, beautiful experience.  (There’s even a supporting role for the father if he wishes to participate!)  If you would like to train yourself to use hypnosis for “pain control” in childbirth or other experiences, get in touch.  It’s not expensive and you will be able to use what you’ve learned in so many later experiences, probably even for avoiding novocaine in the dentist’s chair if you so choose.  Pain control by hypnosis can be useful for living with chronic disease, such as cancer, MS, ALS as well.   


Robin Williams Suicide: Pushed over the edge by Meds??

I LOVED Robin Williams--  an actor, a comedian, a wonderful human being.  And then he was taken from us. Perhaps that’s not the end of the story. This morning I received a paper from physician Gary G. Kohls MD. Dr. Kohls grew up in northern Minnesota, received his medical degree from the U of MN, and practiced in Duluth for some years.  After a time, he chose to focus his work on the holistic treatment of mental disorders, and his letter again brought my attention to what has almost become a common occurrence:  A mental health issue, psychiatric drugs, and then a terrible incident such as a school shooting. The association of psych meds with the incident seldom appears in the media, but a little searching discloses that it is frequently there. From the online source  comes their listing of some 34 school shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs. The latest in their list occurred June 5, 2014, with 26-year old Aaron Ybarra and his shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one student and wounding two others.  He was prescribed antidepressant Prozac and the antipsychotic Risperdal.  Both carry black box warnings warning of suicide. Then follows a list of 33 more, back to 30-year-old Laurie Wasserman Dann who walked into a second grade classroom in Illinois carrying three pistols. She killed one, wounded five others, then killed herself (1988). She’d been on the antidepressant Anafranil. This drug also carries a black box warning for increased risk of suicide.  

So, what’s the story on Robin Williams? Dr. Kohls writes...that Williams had been given an, “ yet unknown cocktail of prescription drugs that resulted in his losing weight and withdrawing from his loved ones, sleeping, after his discharge later that month, in his darkened bedroom up to 20 hours a day, in an apparent drug-induced stupor...” Shortly after he was discharged from Hazelden in Lindstrom, MN, he hung himself. So far, no word from Hazelden on their treatment or his response while under their care. Dr. Kohls raises the legitimate question of whether there should be penalties for those he terms “pushers” of legal brain-altering drugs, and it may come to that.  I have learned to be very careful of psychiatric meds for family or friends; sometimes they seem essential, sometimes not. There are hazards with meds and without them...



When's the best time to change a "diagnosis"?

I’d had a great time at a Bodytalk class in Sioux Falls on Saturday, and had no more arrived home, tired but excited when “C” and his sisters arrived from Iowa.  C had been feeling poorly for more than a year; he jumped through the usual hoops with self diagnosis (C does energy work, as we do), then with a CT scan.  The CT scan suggested three possible areas of malignancy, though C decided not to do a biopsy to nail down a cancer diagnosis. (There are reasons to do a biopsy, for if the diagnosis is a malignancy, then the treating docs have more to go on to help them decide how to treat.  There are ALSO reasons NOT to have a biopsy:  For one thing, in the process of withdrawing the needle (for a needle biopsy), you may leave a trail of cancer cells from the tumor all the way out to the skin, thus possibly spreading the cancer.  



And there’s another “psycho-spiritual” reason.  Some work suggests that once you have a firm diagnosis (e.g. breast cancer), it becomes more difficult to CHANGE that diagnosis, by prayer or energy work, for example.  Dr. Larry Dossey in one of his books, (Recovering The Soul?  Healing Words?)  makes that point.  UNTIL you know, by via a suitable test such as a petri dish culture,  your precise diagnosis, there seems to be the opportunity to change it.  

 Years ago, when I was a physics professor, Alan, a colleague in the biological sciences was found to have a brain tumor. I’d learned of the finding early on, as our offices were adjacent and we were good friends.  Now, brain tumors like many other tumors may be malignant or benign. A malignant tumor is not a good thing. Benign tumors may be inconvenient, but not necessarily life threatening. I decided that if there was anything I could do to encourage that tumor to be benign, I wanted to do it for my friend. At the moment, the tumor’s status was still not known. So, at the very next class period of my physics class, I asked the some 50 students to join me in doing some imagery for a BENIGN outcome rather than one that is malignant.  We spent about 20 minutes in the process and then went on to other things.  Now, there is NO WAY that I could even know whether our imagery convinced that tumor to be benign, but benign it WAS, and I look back on the experiment with some joy, trusting that perhaps we played at least some small role in the tumor’s behavior. In any case, it was benign.  My friend had many more years of good life before he transitioned. The moral for me is, if you suspect something is not quite right with your body, begin IMMEDIATELY to change it to what you feel may be a better outcome. Don’t  wait until the doc has cast it in stone....