MORE on Cancer--The Emotional Connection to Causation and Recovery

We’ve been working with patients for cancer recovery, off and on for about 10 years.  During that time, I have continued to be “nudged” by my growing understanding that, for every serious physical condition, there is an associated EMOTIONAL condition which at minimum walks alongside the physical one, AND PERHAPS the emotional condition was what started the physical condition in the first place.  Here at HTH, we like to feel that we’re fairly skilled at getting rid of the emotional condition, and when that happens, the physical condition tends to resolve itself.  Nowhere, it seems, does that emotional/physical association show up more strongly than with cancer.  Just yesterday, I received  an email newsletter from Gary Craig, the  “inventor” of EFT.  Gary’s web address is, and he offers a free e-newsletter.  The most recent newsletter (July 25, 2014) features a fascinating Skype interview between Gary and Mychael Evans of the UK, in which Mychael details the story of his diagnosis with stage 4 terminal bowel cancer two years earlier and his use of EFT to search for and resolve the “central core issue” which he was certain CAUSED the cancer to begin developing in the first place, many years earlier.  Once he found it and worked on the issue with EFT, he reached a point, in a couple of weeks, where he felt a complete release from the cancer-- a total “no worries, mate” understanding of his relationship with this pesky condition.  He did subsequently have surgery to “remove the lump”, as it was interfering with his functioning, and the docs insisted on a course of chemo as a condition for doing the surgery.  Mychael is certain, however, that it was the EFT, rather than the course of chemo, which resulted in his being completely free from cancer.  (His docs no doubt believe that it was the single course of chemo that cured him, but they also had told him and his wife earlier that there was “no hope” for Mychael. !) 


You will find the video of the Skype interview at


Bottom Line for me:   Pay EVEN MORE attention to the presence of emotional issues when working with cancer patients, especially if there are “places” where they refuse to go with their emotions.  

Bottom Line for new cancer patients? With the nutritional protocols we’ve been using for cancer treatment, we felt that we were able to reduce the cost for cancer recovery down to perhaps 10% of what a major clinic would charge.  With the proper emphasis on CLEANING OUT THE EMOTIONAL CLOSETS with EFT, we may be able to reduce the cost even further, perhaps to $5,000 or less.  

NOW, a PS to the Mychael Evans story. I recently ran across a book, Dying To Be Me (Hay House, 2012), by Anita Moorjani, a young Singapore woman who developed lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system), which came very close to doing her in.  At the seeming "end" of her earthly life, she had a "Near Death" experience, which included an apparent encounter with her father and sister, both of whom had passed from cancer earlier.  As a result of this NDE, she was led to understand that a major factor in her cancer encounter was her "fear of death".  The NDE seemed to take care of THAT fear, once and for all (NDEs have a way of eliminating the fear of death, which must do awful things for the church attendance in some congregations), and when she emerged from the NDE, all symptoms of the cancer disappeared VERY quickly (ca. two weeks).  THIS set me to wondering, "What IF there were a way to eliminate the FEAR of this transition called DEATH..  Would this mean that cancer patients might find that THEIR cancers would also quickly disappear?  Could cancer be simply a reaction to deep seated fears in the patient??"

MORE LATER, as we learn more and more about how to assist in cancer recovery, and how to prevent the pesky thing from happening in the first place...



Dogs, phones 'n appointments

My daughter, the vet, had a birthday a few weeks ago, so I sent her two books-- one dealing with the emotional issues of animals, the second one entitled, Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, by biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake is a careful thinker and researcher, and from the title you already know what the book was about-- deeper relationships between animals and humans.  If you love animals as “Dr. Charly” does (her practice is in Enderlin, ND), you’ve already recognized this relationship a long time ago.  I had a chat with “Lloyd” a few weeks ago; he uses a guide dog and he quickly affirmed that his guide dogs are smarter than they “ought to be” if they’d only had the usual five senses.  This reminded me of our frequent experiences that when we’ve been gone for a while, just as soon as we walk in the door, the phone rings!  


On a related note, our Master Wu had been gone for a couple of weeks, caring for his brother in the Twin Cities.  He returned yesterday afternoon, and sure as shootin’, a half hour after he sat down at his desk, a lady calls for an appointment with him.  Hardly anyone called for his assistance while he was gone-- perhaps they just KNEW that he was not available so there was no sense calling!  


I could go on with other examples of these “coincidences” and so could you.  It makes me wonder how well our whole social order would function if all we could rely on were our “five senses”.  And, it makes me think of Will Shakespeare’s line, “All the world’s a stage.....”  There are so many aspects of daily life that make me think that we are all on a grand stage, interacting with one another to learn more about Life and ourselves in the process.  (Just imagine if YOU were the playwright and your intent was to bring two people together on stage so that they could interact and learn.  Actor ONE is on stage, and the script calls for actor TWO to enter from stage left and the two encounter each other.  They embrace and exclaim to one another, “OH, WHAT A COINCIDENCE, MEETING YOU HERE!”, when really their meeting had already been scripted by the playwright!)  Is there a Grand Playwright who directs the overall plan?  That’s how I often think about it... How about you??  Send your examples of such to share with readers...


Impetigo, Hashimoto's Disease,Nanosilver, Hyperthroidism & Detoxing

Lady from near Walnut Grove called about a young child with impetigo, a disease of the skin.  (I’m pretty sure I had it when I was a kid; maybe you did too!)  She was pretty savvy about nutrition and the hazards of excessive antibiotics, was applying coconut oil to the child and considering using a colloidal silver product she had purchased from a local source.  As I’d never encountered it before, I did a quick internet check (, found it was infectious, caused by a bacterium, and normally treated with antibiotics.  


While I used to use colloidal silver years ago-- silver is well known as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal agent-- I had moved away from it because of the concern over algyria, a greying of the skin caused by excessive intake of silver.   The reference dose, published by the EPA in 1991, recommending the estimated daily exposure which is unlikely to incur an appreciable risk of deleterious effects in a lifetime is 5 micrograms/kilogram/day, which is about 1 liter of 10 ppm colloidal silver per month for a 66 kg person.  A Mayo clinic site ( ) was not particularly helpful (probably a young MD writing as he’d been taught), suggesting kidney damage and neurological problems such as seizures, and possibly interaction with medications such as penicilliamine, quinolone, tetracycline and thyroxine meds.  I did find a lengthy white paper on colloidal silver and its cousin, “nanosilver”  entitled “State of the Science Literature Review: Everything Nanosilver and More”, dated August 2010 and available online at


S., the child’s mother, said that SHE herself had Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disease where the immune system apparently attacks the thyroid.  I shared my beliefs about autoimmune disease generally, that being that one should check for heavy metals toxicity, perhaps especially mercury, since some of my autoimmune patients had tested positive for heavy metals.  (In my present state of ignorance, I feel that mercury toxicity may be involved with many different conditions, since mercury has been shown to “strip the insulation” from the brain neurons, thus creating who knows what kinds of cross talk among the neural fibers and messing up the instructions to the various organs. I don’t know whether I’m right, but as testing for heavy metals is inexpensive in the way we do it, that’s what we’re doing.)  


Just a day later, A., another young woman came in with her daughter-- they were from northern Idaho (CO and now ID? inside of two days?  Could they be spies from the NSA? Naa, but given the disruptions at the TXMex border, the drouth in CA and parts of TX, it would not surprise me if we soon had more “immigrants” from troubled parts of the country. )  The daughter had a hyperthyroid condition, very sensitive to food additives.  As it seemed that she might also have a heavy metals condition, I demonstrated the use of the DetoxMax Plus oral chelation material for removing heavy metals, using a bit of lemon juice in water as the carrier.  It does a nice job of removing heavy metals and cholesterol deposits in the arteries.  

I suggested a "hair elements" test to provide some information on whether there may be a heavy metals condition.  This is an inexpensive test (~$100 at our clinic) which, if there is heavy metals toxicity, can suggest its importance. If there is no heavy metals toxicity, will give a decent readout of twenty some essential minerals in the body.  Note:  While this is an easy test to do-- just takes a heaping tablespoonful of untreated hair-- proper interpretation of the results takes some experience and training.  One glitch that is easily missed by inexperienced therapists is that, when mercury is HIGH in the body, it frequently will show up as very LOW in the hair.  Its presence can be detected by certain statistical tests performed on the ESSENTIAL minerals abundance in the hair.  (If the distribution of the essential minerals looks "normal", as to a statistician, then you're probably okay.  If it is seriously skewed, then there may be heavy metals toxicity. A guide to interpretation is Andrew H. Cutler's Hair Test Interpretation manual, available from him at  .)  When heavy metals toxicity is present, the patient may seem to have "several"apparently unrelated diseases, such as diabetes and low thyroid.  When the heavy metals problems is cleared up, I expect such diseases to be cleared up or at least ameliorated. We use DetoxMax Plus, from BioImmune, Inc., for the oral chelation which removes the heavy metals.  A secondary benefit is that it seems to simultaneously clear the soft portion of cholesterol deposits from the arteries... Oral chelation is nice in that the patient can do this by herself, pretty much free of professional supervision, once she gets started.  



Birthing Without The Labor Pains...


A few years ago, A., one of our staff said, “I’m okay with being a mom, but I’d just as soon forego the labor pains.  Do you have anything that will help?”  As it happened, I had learned about an hypnosis method whereby the mom to be could learn to easily “block” those pains arising between knees and nipples whenever she wished.  


So.... we did it.  The training period was 4 sessions of about an hour each, starting early enough so that we could get everything in, even if the baby decided to come early.  


And... it worked!  A. said she had a great time with the labor portion of the birth process, she was up ‘n walking around in the halls, chatting with the nurses and docs, who were amazed at what she was doing!  Baby came out just fine, and A. used the same process a few years later with another child.  It seemed to be the next best thing to sitting on a sunny Hawaiian beach while someone else was doing the hard work!  Some of the benefits claimed for the process are...


"Pain" is the word most associated with labor and delivery.  But it doesn't have to be; here's why.


Learning self-hypnosis can make childbirth and labor much easier with less discomfort, more control and self-confidence. Here is a list of just some of the many benefits which may be experienced from learning self-hypnosis during pregnancy.

  • Easily learned and rapid improvement with practice
  • More effective relaxation... less anxiety and fear
  • Greater awareness and ability to re-interpret bodily sensations
  • Increase or decrease speed of labor
  • More effective response from external support
  • Enhanced belief in one's expectations for control of discomfort
  • Enhances other comfort measures used
  • Easily incorporated with other techniques (e.g., breathing techniques, imagery)
  • Greater control of the cervix opening
  • Greater communication with baby before and during delivery
  • Greater self-control over rapid increase in pain and the "unexpected."
  • Improved sleep: means greater stamina and endurance
  • Greater focus, clarity, and ability to "detach" from the discomfort better
  • Mentally prepared for painful sensations and ability to alter perception of them
  • Greater confidence and trust in body functions and sensations during labor
  • More responsive to supportive suggestions and encouragement
  • Enhanced post-hypnotic suggestions for postpartum comfort, lactation, and mood 


  •  (from
  •  If the list above is more than you want to read, the take home message is simply that the mother can control the intensity of any discomfort from the contractions.  If she just doesn’t want to feel the pain, that can usually be arranged!
  • Currently, we’re doing the hypnosis for birthing instruction without charge, on a donation basis, as many couples are stretched financially because of the other expenses involved.  (If you would like a DVD of an interview with a lady who used it for her baby, give me a call and I’ll ship one out to you.)  




Addictions, Anxiety and Early History

Do you know someone with an addiction? I’ve known a few. It could be an addiction to gambling, to alcohol, smoking, food, sex, even to work. My wife claims that I MUST be addicted to reading, ‘cuz I buy so many books. Would you believe that ALL addictions have the same root cause? From my point of view, unless I can treat that root cause, the problem is not going to go away. Like the game of Whack a Mole, as soon as the patient clears one addiction, another pops up in its place. A man cured of a smoking addiction may take up chewing. A woman cleared of a food addiction may take up gambling. There’s a common cause here, so let’s start at the beginning.  

What’s the difference between a habit and an addiction? Both involve doing something repetitively. I’m sitting at home right now, in my stocking feet. Soon I’m going out to the mailbox for the mail. When I put on my shoes, my left shoe always goes on first. If for some reason I want to put on my right shoe first, I could write a little note to myself and put it by my shoes. That will remind me to change that habit. On the other hand, when I drive to Granite Falls, the road leads past the Prairie’s Edge casino. If I HAD to pull into the casino and spend an hour playing the slots, if I could NOT pass by that turnoff without the excitement of the slots, that’s an addiction. Everyone has habits. Some have addictions. What do you do if an addiction is messing up your life? 

 For me, an addiction is something done to quell an anxious feeling. Frequently the anxiety comes from the person’s early history. Clients have shared that the reason for their addiction is a history of sexual abuse when they were very young. The Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACE) examined the medical histories of more than 17,000 adults, and found direct connections between unresolved childhood emotional trauma and several physical conditions as adults. These include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, bone fractures, depression and drug use. Compared to a person without childhood trauma, a person with high numbers of adverse childhood experiences is three times more likely to smoke and thirty times more likely to commit suicide. Physician and author Dr. Gabor Mate’ writes, “In most cases of breast cancer, the stresses are hidden and chronic. They stem from childhood experiences, early emotional programming and unconscious psychological coping styles. They accumulate over a lifetime to make someone susceptible to disease... Research suggests that women are more prone to develop breast cancer if their childhoods were characterized by emotional disconnection from their parents or other disturbances in their upbringing; if they tend to repress emotions, particularly anger; if they lack nurturing social relationships in adulthood; and if they are the altruistic, compulsively caregiving types...”  (p.63 ff, The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner, Hay House, 2013). 

To release the anxiety may take several hours of emotional housecleaning with a good therapist.  If you get rid of those old emotions, you will probably find it much easier to quit smoking, overeating, overdrinking or other addictions. Hypnosis helps, EFT is faster and often equally effective. Many cases should be resolvable in a couple of days. When you’ve cleaned the dust bunnies and monsters out of your emotional closets, you may find that your addiction is gone, too!