A very quick note to let you know that we have had a fortunate change in our schedule, and we will be conducting another of our "two day" BodyTalk-Tracy weekends, June 19 and 20th; that's just a few days away!


Among our available staff on those two days will be  Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Angela Johnson of Aware BodyTalk in Sioux Falls, who has had a rapidly growing practice for two years, and is just one class away from her Advanced Certification in this remarkable new healing modality.  BodyTalk has been on the world scene for about 15 years, and is now in use in some 50 countries, including the US, the UK and Canada.  Considered to be "the" most rapidly growing healing modality, what attracted ME to learn BodyTalk is that it is "free from side effects", safe, typically uses no medications, and may be helpful for a wide range of conditions for which western medicine is silent, such as MS, ALS, cancer, diabetes, and  many others.  No disrobing is necessary-- client relaxes  on a comfy massage table and can pay attention, sleep, or whatever as the practitioner tunes in energetically to what the client's body directs her to pay attention to.  I've had several sessions myself, the very first one  eliminating my need for nighttime bathroom visits for nearly six months, without medications or discomfort.  Developed by Australian acupuncturist/chiropractor Dr. John Veltheim with the cooperation of several physicists, BodyTalk appears to be the first truly holistic means of healing the body AS A UNIT, rather than in a piecemeal approach as is common with most medical tools.  


I'm currently in the process of putting together the schedule for this two day event.  We'll be working with current area clients,  anticipate a few openings for NEW clients, and are planning a FREE 90 minute Community class to introduce area folks to what BT can do.  The FREE class will start about 7 pm on Friday evening, at the HTH clinic in downtown Tracy.  If you come, you will learn some basic "self care" techniques which have been developed by the BodyTalk folks, methods you can use to keep yourself healthy for a lifetime, and have an opportunity to practice them with other seekers and BT staffers here.  There is no charge for the 7 pm class, but we do ask that you give us a call (507) 629 3900 so we know how much space we'll need!  



* If you have a health condition that just seems resistant to improvement by regular means, and you'd really like it TO BE OVER AND DONE!...

* If you're being treated for a health condition but you really don't like the side effects of the medication or the expense,  and are looking for something better....

* If you're already in good health but you want to STAY that way.


NOTE:  If you have not had BT sessions previously but would like to sign up for one, please call me asap, at 507 629 3900....  I will want to send you an Intake Form, and we may want to get together to talk a bit about BT so that you'll be ready....


If you happen to have an Health Savings Account debit card, that seems to work just fine with all of the therapies we practice here!  And, bear in mind that if you have the usual sort of health insurance with a high deductible, (but you hardly EVER use up the deductible!) so that you end up paying cash for your health care despite your health insurance, it just could be that there are better choices in how you spend that deductible money....!



Yes, I know you’ve heard about this before, but wouldn’t you rather be able to take this class within a stone’s throw of home, rather than traveling to the Twin Cities, Sioux Falls, Great Falls or some other scary place?  $150 to learn a day’s worth of self care which you can use for a lifetime-- no drugs, no wooly stuff, just 21st century good self care.  If you live for another 25 years, that’s 50 cents per month, and if you pass it on to your family members, an even better deal.  To register, go to  or, shucks, just call me 507 629 3900 and we’ll walk through it together...  You will not be the same when you finish it...



HTH newsletter vol. 15 #18













A good friend of mine has been supplementing with vitamin D3 for a long time.  M’s body weight is about 110 pounds she says; she has not an OUNCE of extra body weight, has a few health issues, and has been taking 5000 IU vitamin D3 throughout the fall, winter and spring months, up here in the North Country of Minnesota.  Now, with the advent of the summer season, she LOVES to get outdoors and care for the garden and lawn, and with that of course comes additional sun exposure during a period of the year when the sun is high in the sky, and about as intense as it can get at this latitude.  Recently, she mentioned that she was experiencing muscle cramps and stomach cramps when doing vigorous work outdoors, so had her vitamin D level tested by her doc, (probably using the 25(OH) vitamin D test-- cheap by mail with a do it yourself kit, more expensive through your medical clinic).  Her result was “in excess of 97 nanograms/milliliter”.  Current recommendations from those who are close to vitamin D research work are for levels of 40 to 80 ng/ml, with higher levels suggested for those with serious health conditions such as cancer, pregnant women and the obese.  Typical intake recommended by the Vitamin D Council ( is about 1000 IU vitamin D3 per 25 pounds of body weight.  B decided to reduce her daily intake of vitamin D3, and will probably keep it low until the summer sun season is over and folks are thinking about influenza once again.  


Everything I’ve read about vitamin D intake seems to indicate that the effects of excessive intake are reversible, and that they are similar to the effects we all may have experienced from a great day in the late springtime sun-- we may then be absorbing more vitamin D than we really need, and symptoms of malaise and cramps are not unusual.  As a precaution, it does appear that vitamin D levels which are TOO LOW are far more likely to cause harm than those which are too high, perhaps by 30 times as much, as estimated by one researcher.  It’s a good idea to check your vitamin D levels a couple of times per year, typically in the fall and again in the late spring.  (See the latest issue of this newsletter, #17, for a graphic which suggests vitamin d levels and what dis-ease conditions they may prevent.)  


There are some groups of people that are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency. The following people are more likely to be lacking in vitamin D:

  • People with darker skin. The darker your skin the more sun you need to get the same amount of vitamin D as a fair-skinned person. For this reason, if you’re Black, you’re much more likely to have vitamin D deficiency that someone who is White.
  • People who spend a lot of time indoors during the day. For example, if you’re housebound, work nights or are in hospital for a long time.
  • People who cover their skin all of the time. For example, if you wear sunscreen or if your skin is covered with clothes.
  • People that live in the North of the United States or Canada. This is because there are fewer hours of overhead sunlight the further away you are from the equator.
  • Older people have thinner skin than younger people and this may mean that they can’t produce as much vitamin D.
  • Infants that are breastfed and aren’t given a vitamin D supplement. If you’re feeding your baby on breast milk alone, and you don’t give your baby a vitamin D supplement or take a supplement yourself, your baby is more likely to be deficient in vitamin D.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People who are very overweight (obese).





OK, here’s the deal:

1.  The BodyTalk Access class was formulated by the BT folks to bring some of the very best parts of BodyTalk into a ONE DAY class, to teach some of the BT SELF CARE techniques to folks who just wanted to be healthier.  I’ve taken it twice myself, use it daily, and every client with whom I work is taught a short version of the class content as a “necessary” part of what I feel I should share with them.  It is being offered for only the SECOND TIME in Minnesota by BT instructors, and we’re grateful that the class will be held here in tiny Tracy, in the SW corner of the state.  It’s an investment of 8 hours class time (plus a potluck!) and $150, and is a heckuva deal in my judgement.


2.  The class is designed to keep you healthier.  It contains 5 easy-to-use techniques that you will learn and then practice with other students.  You will learn how to...

a.  Calm yourself, without drugs, without music, just with your two hands.

b.  Get your left and right hemispheres working better, for more productivity, more creativity and better health.

c.  Adjust your body’s water levels for better hydration of all cells. When your cells are happier, YOU will be happier and healthier.

d.  Adjust your body for the very best mix of microbes, so that you will be less likely to get the flu or worse.

e.  Adjust your body’s balance, so you will look better, walk better, run better, and sleep better.


AND, beyond these five techniques, you will learn a 21st century version of “first aid” developed by the BT people, which will accelerate healing from cuts, scrapes, burns, what have you.  Here’s a sample testimonial:


Last night my daughter called to tell me that her daughter, age 21 months, had just fallen off the couch and smacked her left cheek into the corner of an end table; It had cut the cheek and was bleeding. Would I please begin Fast Aid?

I could hear my granddaughter bawling in the background and was concerned about the possible need to go to the emergency room for stitches. We live about 15 min away in good weather and since we'd had a snow storm, it would have been more like 30 min. Ugh.

I began Fast Aid immediately using my husband as a surrogate. 10 min. later (thank you cell phones for timing) my daughter called. No screaming on the other end. Her daughter was calm and smiling as long as her cheek was not being dabbed to deal with blood. She was refusing a bandaid. My daughter had cleaned the wound with soap and water and was wiping the blood away as best as possible.

I continued Fast Aid for about 5 min. Then called my son-in-law in California who continued Fast Aid while I did a detailed session on her. The attached photo was about 30 min. after the injury.

We continued Fast Aid intermittently throughout the night distantly, at least until the California folk went to bed.

When my granddaughter woke this a.m. there was absolutely NO bruising. When she came over around 11, she was as cute and playful as ever. I was still somewhat concerned with it though and had my neighbor, a doctor, check it out. She said it would not have been able to have been stitched and seem to be closing well on its own.


Keywords: shingles

Two weeks ago I came down with a case of shingles. The rash & blister pattern started on the left side of my chest, traveled to my left armpit and down the inside of my arm. There was also a small patch on my left shoulder blade area. I'd heard stories of how uncomfortable shingles can be - itchiness that kept you awake...shooting pains from the virus affecting the nerves in the area. But instead of going to see a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, I decided to try taking care of it myself by using BodyTalk Access.

Although I don't have anything to compare it to, from reading about shingles on websites for the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) & the Mayo Clinic and seeing some of the images of shingles on the web, my experience was definitely not typical. I applied the Access protocol every 2-3 hours from the time I woke up 'til the time I went to bed. Sometimes that wasn't always possible, so I just did it when I could. I also did the Cortices technique in between. This continued for about 10 days. During that time the itchiness was never unbearable & I had very little trouble sleeping. And even though there were some shooting pains, I wouldn't say they were "painful" at all. In fact on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being excruciating or almost unbearable), I'd say the itchiness & discomfort never went above 2. I never had an uncontrollable urge to scratch & never took any medication for itchiness or discomfort. Also, the rash & blister pattern never became a continuous patch. It was scattered with large gaps between.

The whole thing seemed to progress very quickly and in less than 12 days of doing Access & Cortices multiple times daily, the rash & blisters disappeared and the scabs came off.





What wouldn’t all of us give for a TOOL like FastAid to have with us at all times?  Let’s see, 6 techniques for a hundred ‘n fifty bucks-- that’s $25 to learn this “tool for a lifetime”.  You’ll not find a better deal, even at Wal Mart...


TO REGISTER, go to   to preregister)   Please do it now, for your health and that of those in your circle...



I’ve said a few things in a recent newsletter about Nanosilver Complex Concentrate-- we’d been out of it for about six months.  We now have a limited stock on hand. It’s a known antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral. I use it for gum infections, we’ve used it for lung infections, the works.  Our clients have used it to treat MRSA (an infection often picked up in hospitals, highly resistant to antibiotics); research also suggests that it is effective against EBOLA and HIV-Aids. You need this in your medicine cabinet. $60 for a 4 oz vial, $110 for 8 ounces.  This is not  your usual ‘colloidal silver’, which can cause algyria (greying of the skin due to excessive silver absorption); the silver particles are bound in a “complex”, so they do their work and are excreted by the body.  Shipment is limited to two 4-oz or one 8-oz at this time.  



How often do you hear these words from friends and passersby?  It’s a standard Minnesota greeting, and of course, you’re expected to say, ‘GREAT!’, or some other vacuous saying like that. I don’t do that much; when I use those words, I’m prepared for a 5 minute discussion about how they are REALLY feeing.  Often it’s not so good...

According to (a few days ago), the leading causes of sickness in 2013 were...


#1 Low back pain

#2 Major depression

#3 iron-deficiency anemia

#4  Neck pain

#5 Hearing loss

#6 Migraines

#7 Diabetes


#9 Anxiety Disorders

#10        Other musculoskeletal

#11 Schizophrenia

#12 Falls

#13 Osteoarthritis

#14 Refraction and Accommodation (eye disorders)

#15 Asthma


As I look at this list, I am struck by how many of these are likely emotionally related.  And, I have the sense that most are treatable/resolvable by a variety of methods.  For example, I’ve successfully treated low back pain with EFT, with Qigong energy work, with hypnosis, and with BodyTalk.  Alicia, our massage therapist can relieve back pain with her techniques. Dr. Evers, my chiropractic colleague down the street, has treated it successfully with adjustment techniques, and I know that my friend Dr. Andy has probably resolved it with the appropriate medication.  And, at the other end of this list of 15, “refraction and accommodation” issues (eye disorders) can likely be resolved by eyeglasses and contacts with an optometrist, by lasik surgery, by special eye exercises, through hypnosis, EFT and with BodyTalk as well. (NOTE:  With BodyTalk, the CLIENT actually decides, unconsciously, which part of the body to work on first.  It may be that an “eye problem” is not nearly as a high priority as the client’s “painful liver”, so in that case, the liver gets worked on first, and the eye problem later...)    


SO, which do you choose?  Seems to me it’s like many other choices we have in this world:  To get from point A to point B, we can walk, we can run, we can swim (especially with all the rain we’re getting), we can fly (hoverboard, helicopter, hot air balloon, ultralight, Cessna 150, Boeing 747), we can roller skate, bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, an almost endless list.  And, it seems to me that the MORE CHOICES we have, the better is our quality of life.  


Of course, in the process of making a decision, the availability, the reliability & skills of the provider, the COST and the side effects of the choice come into play as well.  Sometimes “what you’d like” is a hundred miles away, or the side effects are worse than the treatment.  Sometimes there are also ‘cultural’ choices we make.  Sometimes the government and the media attempt to influence our choices, such as the vaccination debate, GMO food labeling and the like.  And, Bruce Jenner must have considered the cultural aspects of his decision to become a woman.  SO, as you live your life, consider that to the extent you have CHOICES, to that extent you have personal freedom.  (BTW:  The BodyTalk Access class is designed specifically to PROVIDE you a greater personal freedom-- if you can “fix” your own health problems instead of going to a huge building full of white coated people to fix it for you, to that extent you have personal freedom!)  


BTW2:  Remember that four of us BodyTalk therapists are currently working with folks who need our help; the price is right, $40 per session or whatever works for the client, call (507) 629 3900 to connect with someone who can help you.  Does BT claim to “fix” anything?  Not really-- “cures” are not something we talk about for legal reasons, but you can pretty much expect that you may feel better after a session.  After all, isn’t that the object of all health care...


(Almost) all for now,




PS:  I just now had a delightful conversation with a very good friend of mine-- “S” stopped by to borrow my copy of Dressed To Kill, by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, which makes a strong case that the more bras are worn during a 24 hour period, the tighter and more restrictive they are, the more likely it will be that the wearers will die of breast cancer.  (If you’re wearing a bra now, consider sending it to your local medical clinic with the recommendation that the medical folks read Singer and Grismaijer.  Or, send it to our clinic and we will make a montage for one of our hallways, in tribute to women who decided to think for themselves instead of listening to others.)  S suggested that in addition to the two of us, there are likely at least a hundred others within 50 miles of Tracy who are thinking for themselves.  Maybe it’s in the “way” that they farm, the “way” they educate their children, the “way” they provide healthcare for their kids, the “way” they do or do not drive the very latest in transportation, the list goes on.  What is common about such folks is that they/we often feel we’re out in the wilderness, without any emotional support from others, and this “isolation” can get a little lonely.  So, we are forming an organization we call, Those Who Dare, (TWD for short), which will begin meeting on Saturday evenings here at the clinic, 192 3rd Street in Tracy, at 7 pm.  No charge, no dues, might be some hot tea, maybe some cookies to pass.  We might invite some outside speakers if we tire of talking to each other, just to inject new ideas into our thinking.  If you think that you fit this category and live within 100 miles of Tracy, come and join us....!  First meeting is planned for Saturday June 20th, at HTH, 7 pm.  Bring a snack to pass, if you like.  (If you know of someone who might “fit” this rare category, show him/her this newsletter and bring them along!)  





Helping To Heal newsletter Vol. 15, #14 (May 19, 2015)

 IN THIS Helping To Heal Clinic POST (Vol. 15, #14, 5.19.2015):   

* The Five Love Languages: Which ones do YOU speak?

* How Steve Jobs Changed The World-- worth your read...

* Another method of preventing prostate cancer

* More BodyTalk experience

* Does Chemotherapy help breast cancer survival? (not much)

* So, are you coming May 22?

* Are you coming June 29th?



I first heard about this fascinating book from one of the other participants at the BodyTalk Fundamentals Class in Sioux Falls in early April.  I found a used copy, and have been devouring it ever since.  If you are engaged, have already taken the marital step, and now sometimes wish that you hadn’t because things aren’t going as smoothly as they were in the Walt Disney version of Cinderella, this book is for you.  As someone who has a fair amount of experience with the marital process, I value the information contained therein, and wish that I’d been able to read it before my very FIRST marriage. 

We’re all familiar with the different ways of LEARNING:  Some of us learn kinesthetically (by hands on), some of us learn visually, some by ear (auditory).  So, simplistically, if you tell your spouse you LOVE him/her by SPEAKING THOSE WORDS, that may work if s/he has the same learning style as you do.  But if s/he needs to SEE some evidence of your love and all you have are some words, it ain’t gonna cut the mustard.  Flowers might work, helping around the home might help.


Gary Chapman’s book, THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES,  takes this process a bit further, separating the languages of “love communication” to FIVE:  

WORDS OF AFFIRMATION  (Thank you for doing that!)

SPENDING QUALITY TIME   (Let’s go for a walk...)

RECEIVING GIFTS   (Happy Birthday, Honey, here’s something for you...)

ACTS OF SERVICE  (Faithfully doing his/her job, day after day...)

PHYSICAL TOUCH   (Sometimes “touch” is what matters most...)



Following are a few pages:

Chapter One: “What Happens to Love After the Wedding?”

At 30,000 feet... he put his magazine in his seat pocket, turned in my direction and asked, “what kind of work do you do?”

“I do marriage counseling and lead marriage enrichment seminars,” I said matter-of-factly.

“I’ve been wanting to ask someone this for a long time,” he said. “What happens to the love after you get married?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he said, “I’ve been married three times, and each time, it was wonderful before we got married, but somehow after the wedding it all fell apart. All the love I thought I had for her and the love she seemed to have for me seemed to have evaporated. I am a fairly intelligent person. I operate a successful business, but I don’t understand it.”

“How long were you married?” I asked.

“The first one lasted about ten years. The second time, we were married three years, and the last one, almost six years.”

“Did your love evaporate immediately after the wedding or was it a gradual loss?” I inquired.

“Well, the second one went wrong from the very beginning. I don’t know what happened. I really thought we loved each other, but the honeymoon was a disaster, and we never recovered. We only dated six months. It was a whirlwind romance. It was really exciting! But after the marriage, it was a battle from the beginning. 

“In my first marriage, we had three or our good years before the baby came. After the baby was born, I felt like she gave her attention to the baby and I no longer mattered. It was as if her one goal in life was to have a baby, and after the baby, she no longer needed me.”

“Did you tell her that?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I told her. She said I was crazy. She said I did not understand the stress of being a twenty-four-hour nurse. She said I should be more understanding and help her more. I really tried, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. After that, we jut grew further apart. After a while there was no love left, just deadness....

“My last marriage? I really thought that one would be different. I had been divorced for three years. We date each other for two years. I really thought we knew what we were doing, and I thought that perhaps for the first time I really knew what it meant to love someone. I genuinely felt that she loved me...

“After the wedding, I don’t think I changed. I continued to express love to her as I had before marriage. I told her how beautiful she was. I told her how much I loved her. I told her how proud I was to be her husband. But a few months after marriage, she started complaining; about petty things at first-- like my not taking the garbage out or not hanging up my clothes. Later, she went to attacking my character, telling me that she didn’t feel she could trust me, accusing me of not being faithful to her. She became a totally negative person. Before marriage, she was never negative. She was one of the most positive people I have ever met.... but once we were married, it seemed I could do nothing right...  Eventually, I lost my love for her and began to resent her..... so we split.”


A strong recommendation to read Chapman’s book-- whether married, thinkin’ about it, or wondering whether you should have done it.  You can pick up a used copy at Amazon. 




NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — In a powerful commencement address to George

Washington University graduates, Apple CEO Tim Cook implored the class of 2015 to

follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs.

Many view work as boring, hopeless drudgery — a view Cook said he shared in 1997

before he came to Apple.

But Cook said Steve Jobs made him question everything he thought was true. Jobs

persuaded him that "doing good and doing well" were not mutually exclusive.

"I always figured that work was work," Cook said. "There were things I wanted to

change about the world, but I figured that was what I had to do on my own time. Steve

didn't see it that way. He convinced me that if we made great products, we too could

change the world."

As an example, Cook pointed to features on iPads, Macs and iPhones that allow blind

people to communicate with their friends and family.

On how to change the world: Cook also referred to citizen journalists who use their

smartphones to capture and report police brutality. He got loud applause when he said

that Apple products can empower people who witness injustice, because people now

have a camera in their pocket all the time.

"At Apple, we believe the work should be more than about improving your own self; it's

about improving others' lives as well," Cook said. "We believe that a company with

values and acts on them really can change the world."

On meeting George Wallace and Jimmy Carter: Cook said his moral compass was

tuned when he met both Alabama governor George Wallace and President Jimmy

Carter as a high school student in the summer of 1977.

Apple's CEO was born into a poor family in Alabama, and by the time he was in high

school, he still hadn't left the south. But he said meeting the segregationist Wallace

"was not an honor for me."

"Shaking his hand felt like a betrayal of my own beliefs, like I was selling a piece of my

soul," Cook said of his introduction to the notoriously racist governor.

Instead, meeting Carter was more of a highlight for Cook. Though Carter had been the

governor of another, bordering southern state (Georgia), and like Wallace was a

Democrat, Cook said Carter approached life differently. He was "kind and

compassionate," Cook said.

"One was right, and one was wrong," Cook said of Carter and Wallace.

On Steve Jobs and the 'North Star': Cook's advice to the graduates of the class of 2015

was to use their own morality as their guides. He encouraged them to have Jobs'

optimism that work could better the world, and he urged them to embody Carter's

humanity -- something Cook said the president "had not sacrificed" despite holding the

highest job in the world.

"Your values matter. They are your North Star," Cook said. "Otherwise it's just a job, and

life is too short for that. The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. There are

problems that need to be solved and injustices that need to be ended."

Cook ended his address by taking a photo of the graduating class with his iPhone.

Sunday's speech was the first commencement address delivered by an Apple CEO

since Steve Jobs spoke at Stanford University's graduation in 2005. Cook also delivered

a commencement address at Auburn University, his alma mater, in 2010, when he was

Apple's chief operating officer.

This story was first published on, "Tim Cook: How Steve Jobs changed the world”



Ejaculation was a method recommended years ago by natural therapies MD Dr. Andrew Weil on his website.  Then, the conservatives must have told him that recommending this method was not politically correct, so I have not heard much on that from him since. But now the latest research suggests those who ejaculate more frequently have less risk of prostate cancer--about 20% less so.  Go to, May 17, 2015 for more.  



Worked with another BodyTalk client a few days ago. There were some issues with anxiety associated with body image, so worked on all of that.  I’ve come to believe that the decisions we make about health care, when to buy groceries, who to call on the phone and when, who to accept a date with, tend to be very INTUITIVE decisions, a kind of “inner knowing”, that might not stand up in a court of law, but which we use every day. In BodyTalk, practitioners are trained to USE the intuition in a deliberate way, to help guide them in balancing the client’s body toward better health.  I’m concluding there is a good deal of merit to this new modality.



I just had a call from “J”, a lady who lives 75 miles to the northeast.  She was searching for additional help for her recurring breast cancer.  She has spurned traditional treatments for it. I tend to agree with her; the research suggests that chemotherapy is not very effective for increasing survival time for breast cancer-- According to the published research, Clin Oncol 2004 Dec; 16(8): 549-60, the percentage of increase in the number of breast cancer patients surviving 5 years, DUE to their taking chemotherapy as part of their protocol, was 1.4%.  Large doses of vitamin C can be hepful for breast and other cancers if done correctly.  Sometimes it’s done by I.V., sometimes it’s done orally. I.V. administration seems like a great idea, but unless it is done continuously, the cancer cells have a chance to recover-- the lifetime of ordinary vitamin C in the body is about 5 hours. We use oral administration, with the right kind of liposomal vitamin C.  The liposomal form (wrapping a body lipid around the vitamin C molecule for better absorption) has the potential to maintain a continuous high level of vitamin C in the body.  I support that, IF it’s the right kind of vitamin C-- we avoid vitamin C made from GMO corn as a feedstock.  Vitamin C from Cassava root seems to work better.



Hey, it’s only about 90 minutes long, and you’ll learn much about how this very safe, very holistic therapy works.  It starts at 7 pm in the evening, at our Tracy MN clinic, Friday, May 22nd.  Come and learn self care for your mind/body and that of  your family.  It’s FREE, and you may even win a free BodyTalk session.  It’s definitely a better deal than your health insurance.  



We’re sponsoring a one day program on June 29th, to teach you about selfcare, the BodyTalk way.  It will be held at our clinic, second level, 9 to 5.  Cost is about $135 if you register before May 29th.  Go to, click on “Seminars”, select the BodyTalk Access class in Tracy on June 29th.  If you get sick and encounter those huge medical bills and need to take time off work, you’ll wish you had learned about this safe approach.



Go to and click on “Testimonials” at the top of the page.  


ALL FOR NOW.  Keep smiling, no matter what the politicians tell you. We’ll get through this global warming thing, if it takes another hundred years...!


Charles Reinert ND, PhD (physics), CHt, EFT ADV, BodyTalk P.I.T. 

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I survived my first major class on BodyTalk, held in Sioux Falls April 9 through 13.  As an old physicist who never thought he had much of a memory, the class went well.  If I take it again as is recommended for those who intend to use it in a healthcare practice, I will want to record the whole thing digitally (video would be even better!), so that I can fill in the gaps that I missed the first time, but as I review my notes it is beginning to make sense. The training was consistent with my basic understanding, i.e. that the mind/body/spirit is in principle capable of fixing about anything that comes down the pike, PROVIDED that all the communication circuitry is working properly.  Because the body is a very complex system, the process of tuning up the communication circuitry is not a trivial one, hence the need for information and practice in using it effectively to help others.  There is benefit from knowing the anatomy and physiology of the body, and there is benefit from being comfortable with oneself, well grounded and as free from extraneous belief systems as one can manage. And, there is benefit from knowing at least SOMETHING about what we sometimes call “The New Physics”, aka “Quantum Physics”, for unlike dozens of books ‘n claims on the internet, just because an approach uses the words, “quantum physics” might not mean beans about whether it actually does. (I’m always on the lookout for new ways to heal the body and happened on a “new” method of vision improvement, which used the words “quantum physics” prolifically in the promos.  So I ordered the book (an E-book) and had a look at it.  Heck, same old stuff, and there was almost nothing new, certain no quantum mechanics as an old physicist would recognize it.  I got my money back and gave them a few choice words in the process.  


At the BodyTalk class, a proper amount of time (a few hours) was devoted to an “explanation” of quantum physics as it is applicable to the techniques we were to learn, at least the content of a one credit class on an advanced undergraduate level for a physics major.  By the end of the course, most of us had worked with a dozen other practitioners-to-be, arranged so that we newbies could learn from those who’d been through the class before. Fifteen massage tables had been set up in the classroom for the 30 of us, so that we had an opportunity to practice each technique that we were shown.  The course was nicely done, well worth it, and thanks, Mel Buzek for your excellent instruction!


NOW,  how did I get into this in the first place?  Angela Pascoe DC, a Sioux Falls SD chiropractic colleague, called me last mid August and TOLD me I should go to this “introductory” class in BodyTalk, called BODYTALK ACCESS.  Eight hours later with a modest investment (~$135), I came away, knowing FIVE basic easy-to-learn SELF CARE techniques, which I’m sure I will use for the rest of my life.  They taught me...

1.  How to balance my brain, so that it worked better, in particular for better coordination between left and right hemispheres.  You can do it in five minutes.  (If you’re a student, a mechanic, a farmer, a mom trying to get her newborn to sleep, even an old physicist-cum-Albert Schweizer wannabee, anything you do will probably work better if you first take a few minutes to get the hemispheres working better.  Before I start my music therapy performances for nursing home residents in SW Minnesota, I ALWAYS take a few minutes to talk to the residents and staff about what I do at HTH, and then SHOW them how to balance their brains.  They usually titter a bit when they see what I’m doing, but by the time I’m done they’re bouncing off the walls from their enthusiasm. It just works.) If you’re a new mom, it will probably help your baby or child sleep better so that YOU will sleep better! 


2.  How to de-stress and “calm” myself in the best way, so I don’t go postal in high stress situations.  I have a friend whom I sometimes accompany on local shopping trips.  The moment this friend steps into Walmart, s/he becomes nervous and cannot wait until the shopping is done and s/he can exit and get home.  I don’t know whether it’s the fluorescent lights, the people, the products, or what, but it’s this sort of nervous anxiety that can be quelled with what the BT people call the “switching” technique.  Again, easy to do and remember, takes just a few minutes.  


3.  How to be sure that my body’s cells are well hydrated.  If you’ve read the book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by Fereydoon Batmanghelidi MD. or others by this author  such as You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!, you have some sense of the importance of optimal cell hydration.  You want the right amount of water both inside and outside your body’s cells.  The Access class will teach you how to do this quickly and easily.  


4.  D’ya wanna stay healthy and not get sick from the flu or whatever else is going around?  Is that you want to get rid of all the bad microbes and just have GOOD microbes?  Apparently not a real good idea, just as we’re discovering that the ideal “garden” may be one which has a diversity of plants (even some “weeds” for gosh sakes!) for best health.  The Access class teaches this also!


5.  Do  you sometimes get the feeling that you’re tripping over your feet when you walk, run or play?  Coordination between the various parts of the body can help that, and that is also taught in the Access class.  Maybe you’re not into modeling, but if you value your appearance, you could do a lot worse than picking up this technique.


6.  A technique that you can use as “first aid” to speed the healing process for minor injuries.  Easy to use, and we already have many reports from our area of folks using this method.  A local science teacher turned his back on his science students for a moment and a heavy weight rolled off the lab table and on to a student’s toes.  The student yelled in pain, and Bob got right to work using this ‘first aid” technique.  A few minutes later the pain was much less, and when he saw the student in the hallway a few hours later, she said, “The pain’s completely gone!”  Another friend, an LPN at a local nursing home, was cooking one evening, accidently lifted a pan full of hot oil off the stove and it splashed all over her neck and shoulder.  She immediately put cold water on it, without much effect, did the “first aid” technique a few times, and a little while later the pain was gone.  Very rapid healing followed.  


So..... have I convinced you yet?  You can take this one day training for an investment of only $150; it’s happening at our Tracy clinic in the Community Classroom upstairs, June 29th, 2015.  There’s a flyer attached to this newsletter that tells you more. Go to, click on “Seminars” and follow it down to the Access class on June 29th, Tracy.  You will be very happy that you did it.....  IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE MAY 29TH, YOU GET A 10% DISCOUNT...


Taking Better Care (a dialogue)-- about your health insurance deductions

THE SCENE: Pat and Alicia, two young mothers living in SW Minnesota, meet at the supermarket.  ALICIA SEEMS DEPRESSED.


ALICA:  Hello....., PAT..  


PAT:  Hi Alicia, how’s the family?


ALICIA:  Oh, they’re fine....  Only...  never mind...


PAT:  So how’s the family, REALLY???


ALICIA:  About the same as always.  Never enough time to do fun things, even if we had the money to do it.  Sara’s been sick with the flu, Kari has this persistent cough, Carl’s got emotional stuff going on at school and can’t keep his mind on his school work, and you probably heard that Andy has been sick the past two weeks, so we’ve missed a few paychecks.  Somehow I thought that ObamaCare would take care of our health care bills and give us a chance to get ahead.  All we got from that was a high deductible health insurance policy.  Now we have these expensive health care insurance premiums to pay every month, and we STILL have to pay all the deductibles out of our own pocket.  I don’t know that we’re a bit further ahead.  I just WISH there were a better way to stay healthy than being nibbled to death with the prescription bills and the medical expense.  I wish we could be REALLY HEALTHY and feel like living instead of  just slogging through one day after the next.  I wish there were a better way....


PAT:  It’s good to have a health insurance policy so that if you break a leg, they step in and take care of the big hospital bills.  How much is your deductible?  


ALICIA:  For the whole family, it’s $4,000 per year.  It gets spent on doctor’s bills and drugs; as I said, the little things just keep nibbling away, right out of pocket.  We actually don’t GET much insurance help, most years.  A funny thing-- Andy and I  bought this expensive insurance but we STILL pay for our health care needs, out of our own pockets!  Heck, why even  BUY insurance if it doesn’t help to pay your bills.  Have you found any better way?


PAT:  Well, actually Loren and I and the kids are getting along pretty well; We have a policy with a high deductible too, but two years ago we decided to do something better with it.  Our insurance company allows us to have a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT-- they even provided a debit card to use with it.  Blue Cross Blue Shield will do that, other companies may have it too.  You put money into this HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT, draw on it as you need it to pay for your miscellaneous health care expenses. If you don’t spend it all in one year, it carries over into the next year.  It’s cool!


ALICIA:  But Pat, what’s the DIFFERENCE?  One way you put your money into this HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT and spend it little by little, that way. The other way, you just pay the bills as they come in.  How does a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT help you to get ahead?  


PAT:  Alicia, With the HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT, you have a lot more leeway in how you can actually SPEND your money.  If you live in Minnesota, you can go to    to get a list of SOME of the expenses which your HSA will pay for.  


Among them are healing services, laboratory tests, over the counter medical care,   psychotherapy, and much more.   Actually, Loren and I have used our HSA debit card for a wide variety of healthcare expenses. If we felt it was justifiable for our health, we do it.  We try to be honest and ethical, but it’s probably not very likely that the tax people will actually contest a claim that we feel is reasonable. 


ALICIA:  So, you have MORE CHOICES in how you spend your deductible dollars.  You can make the choices that you feel are best for you and your family?  But what OTHER choices do you actually have if you live in a small town like Tracy?  There’s the Tracy Area Medical Clinic, run by Sanford, with MD’s and PA’s who have the usual medical school training, but who ELSE?  Aren’t they the ONLY GAME IN TOWN?  


PAT: There’s the Helping To Heal clinic, down on 3rd Street...  Have you ever been there?


ALICIA:  I walk by there all the time on my way to get my hair done or to go to the post office, but I’ve never stopped in.  What do they do there?  


PAT:  My neighbor works there.  It was started 15 years ago by a PhD physics professor who was dissatisfied with the few choices available for his own health care, so he decided to retrain himself, joined with others, and it’s been going ever since!  Their emphasis is on PREVENTION.  “Dr. Chuck”, as he calls himself, has training in vitamins and nutrition, in the healing of body pain generally, especially lower back pain.  He’s also trained in hypnosis, which is helpful for infertility, migraines and much more. And, he’s trained in the safe removal of mercury, which can come from dental fillings and vaccines.  He uses bioenergetic healing, such as “Chee Kung”, for many different conditions, including infertility.  He has treated patients with brain cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer.  One of his colleagues is a “master” in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, for treatment of emotional/physical conditions) and in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). She is currently living in Australia, and has become internationally known for her work with women and children displaced by war in the Middle East.  He and four other colleagues (a science teacher, a nurse, a high school counselor and a chiropractor) are now developing their skills in a new therapy called BODYTALK, which emerged from Australia about 15 years ago. Currently they’re treating patents on a purely DONATION basis as they sharpen their skills.  They work with patients 7 days a week, as needed.  Roger, the high school science teacher, may be specializing in helping kids with their issues.  Sometimes children’s problems are because of school, sometimes because of other kids, sometimes because of their parents. You might like to know that some of the staff have also worked with kids who are not doing well in school.  Actually, when Dr. Chuck was a physics prof at SMSU in Marshall years ago, he led some early research on better ways of learning, even on increasing general intelligence.   You can read about that early work at’s-study-on-image-streaming-and-iq/   or at   .  These early studies suggest that regular practice of a simple “visual imagery” technique can increase intelligence by some measures.  In addition to this approach, Dr. Chuck feels it’s wise to use techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to get rid of emotional blocks to the learning process.  These blocks may be present due to the student’s life with his/her parents, friends, bullies, and the like. EFT is safe, apparently free from side effects, and easy for the student to use himself for many issues.   


ALICIA:  I’ve heard about BODYTALK.    According to the ads I’ve seen in the papers and on Facebook, (, BODYTALK doesn’t use medications, no surgery, virtually zero physical touching.  


PAT:  Yes, the theory is that the body knows how to “FIX” just about anything that’s wrong with it, provided it is AWARE of the problem.  Sometimes a BT practitioner will compare the human body to a big 50 story building, with lots of water fountains, bathrooms, copiers, heating and A/C.  Somewhere in that building is a Security guy, who is watching a roomful of TV monitors to be sure that everything is working right, and that there is nothing overflowing or catching afire.  That’s fine, so long as the guard is watchful.  However, if he falls asleep and doesn’t catch the lighted cigarette that falls into a wastebasket, there could be big trouble...!


ALICIA:  Do you mean to say that if my body had really been AWARE of all that was going on, then it might have caught my breast cancer EARLY and got rid of those few pesky cells before they became big trouble, with surgery and chemo. It might have even KILLED ME!   I’ve been fighting breast cancer for five years and it’s still not over!


PAT:  Alicia, that’s the idea....


ALICIA:  What about Alzheimer’s, dementia, and just growing older?  Do the Helping to Heal people know anything about that?  


PAT:  Dr. Chuck could teach you a few things about Alzheimer’s.  For one thing, it may be associated with poor nighttime sleep.  If you don’t sleep well at night, your brain’s cerebral spinal fluid can’t do a good job of removing waste products from the brain, as it’s supposed to do.  Buildup of waste naturally produced by the cells’ metabolism means a FOGGY brain in the morning. If that becomes a habit, dementia may be just around the corner.  There are ways to improve sleep, above and beyond just purchasing a CPAP machine.  OH, and you mentioned ‘growing older’.  Did you know that there’s an herbal supplement, not very expensive, that seems to be ANTI-AGING.  It’s made of 5 common medicinal herbs, some of which have been used in medicine for as much as 4,000 years.  I use it myself, and I have to admit I feel wonderful, and scarcely ever get sick or have a cold!  And, I sleep better and have much more energy!  This herbal may prevent buildup of cholesterol deposits in the arteries, too, thereby preventing the need for bypass surgery. You won’t learn about that from your regular doc!


ALICIA:  I’m impressed.  I want to meet the staff! But getting back to the $3,000 deductible we use to pay most of our health care, ‘cuz we hardly ever MEET that deductible, what do we do if we DON’T have a Health Savings Account?  


PAT:  There are two possibilities that I can think of:


* First, think about changing to a policy that DOES allow the use of a Health Savings Account.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has several.  


* A second option comes from a story Dr. Chuck told me a few days ago.  He was speaking with Roger, a long time client. (Dr. Chuck seldom spends less than an hour with his patients-- how else can he get to know them?) He asked Roger, “How  often do you REALLY spend so much on your deductibles that your health insurance actually KICKS IN?”  Roger thought for a moment, “Maybe 1 year out of 8....!”  “So, 7 years out of 8 you’re paying for your own health care, out of pocket???”  Roger nodded, not feeling very good about it.  “Maybe it’s time that you decided to get a whole lot more benefit for your deductible expenditures, by choosing a type of health care that might really be good for you.  It often seems that the usual medical clinic only offers the “usual” remedies-- antibiotics and surgery.  Maybe there are better, less expensive ways to stay healthy, WITHOUT the antibiotics, without the side effects of prescription meds, without the band-aid approach that most medical clinics seem to use.  Do they really have YOUR HEALTH CARE uppermost in mind? Do they really  emphasize PREVENTION to help you stay healthy?  OR are they simply trying to keep you on as a patient, to keep the revenue stream coming in???”  


ALICIA:  What you say makes sense.  I’ll talk to my husband about it.  Maybe I can change his mind!

PAT:  Hey, what’re you and Andy doing Monday night May 4th, 2015?  There’s a meetup in the Community Classroom, second floor of the Helping to Heal building.  Demonstrations, opportunity for questions, opportunity to meet Dr. Chuck and some of the staff. They’re asking a five buck donation, dirt cheap for all the info you get!