HTH newsletter Vol. 15 #27: BodyTalk, vitamin D, much more!

HTH newsletter 

Vol. 15, #27

August 27, 2015


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Whew!  The summer canning season is over for us; Lois did most of the hard work-- I operated the pressure canner.  It was a good tomato season and we’re thankful for the food.  And, the barn is painted a brilliant red, thanks to a cherry picker we rented from a neighbor.  I have one major task left in “farm maintenance”, and that is to put a coat of Rustoleum onto a 50 year old steel roof that is showing signs of rust.  God Willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we’ll get that done next week.  Then, it’s laying in some fuel oil for the furnace and shelled corn for the corn stove, waxing up the snow shovels and fixing the electrical system on the Bobcat so it doesn’t go on the fritz in the middle of a snowstorm, and we’re ready for winter.  


After a healthful summer, we’re seeing signs of a fall rush from folks tuning up their health systems in preparation for the flu season; if you’re concerned about influenza  but not anxious to get poked with a syringe, there are several approaches I like:


1.  Carry a vial or two of the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum in your pocket or purse.  Taken at the very first sign of flu symptoms, it often prevents any further symptoms.  


2. Optimum vitamin D3 levels in the body seem to be very helpful for flu prevention.  A 25(OH) vitamin D test is a good way to know if your levels are optimum-- 50 to 80 nanograms/ml seems to be about right, up to 100 if cancer is present.  If you don’t get out in the sun much or are sun sensitive to due to medications, it seems to be helpful to take vitamin D year around, in the vicinity of 1000 IU vitamin D3 per 25 pounds of body weight.  It is possible to be taking too much vitamin D3; I noticed an effect myself in mid summer, when taking 5000 IU daily; the Mayo Clinic guys list the following symptoms: fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, excessive thirst, excessive urination, dehydration, constipation, irritability, nervousness.  I had noticed some of these symptoms, and at my wife’s suggestion, stopped the vitamin D supplementation (since I was already picking up buckets of vitamin D in our summer work-- shirt off, shorts and such).  After a couple of days, the symptoms disappeared. (Some medications can apparently enhance the absorption of vitamin D-- check with your pharmacist or online about that.)  


If you’ve been taking vitamin D regularly, but suddenly seem to be having “flu” symptoms, you might try a “stoss dose”-- 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 taken once a day for no more than a couple of days.  I’ve found that helpful.  Don’t overdo it.


3.  An excellent technique for improving health generally is to do the brain balancing technique called, “Balancing The Cortices”, which is an important part of BodyTalk protocol.  You can learn that from a BT practitioner (like me) or go to the internet and watch BT developer John Veltheim demonstrate it (e.g.  Doesn’t cost anything, just is something that you practice daily, like brushing the teeth.  


4.  Especially if you are a caregiver, an educator, parent or spouse, sign up to take the entry level class called “BodyTalk Access”, which is being offered September 12 in Sioux Falls.  Melanie Palm is a top drawer teacher (also teaches yoga in Rapid City).  To register for that class, go to and do a quick search.  Cost is $150, full day class, well worth it for your own self care and also if your job in life involves supporting others’ health care needs.  You will meet like minded folks; expect a good day!  


5.  If you have a chronic condition for which 20th century medicine seems silent, consider having a few regular BodyTalk sessions.  BodyTalk is a very holistic, gentle, completely noninvasive means of tuning up the body so that it can resist and address lots of conditions, on the body’s own schedule.  Go to  to find a practitioner, or contact Angela Johnson of Sioux Falls,; she’s an experienced, certified BT practitioner.  (If your body/mind system is “well balanced” (think new sparkplugs, oil and filters, tuneup for your car!) you’re likely to resist the flu and many other conditions. ) 


6.  Finally, another suggestion for long term health care: Become acquainted with the herbal named “Protandim”. It’s 5 commonly used herbals (e.g. green tea extract, milk thistle, curcumin, etc.) which when combined synergistically appear to provide “all” of the benefits of each individual herbal, multiplied ~18 times (that’s the synergistic benefit), PLUS other benefits which emerge from the synergism, among them an antioxidant effect equivalent to ~one million times the effect of the same amount of vitamin C.  Protandim also appears to “keep the tubes clean” in the sense of preventing the need for heart bypass surgery, in my estimation.  It’s sold via “multilevel marketing”, and so you would purchase Protandim through various independent distributors (full disclosure:  I am one such; do a Google search to find lots more..) Respectable, peer reviewed research papers, 6 patents; seems to be good stuff.  Protandim can be likely be helpful in preventing the flu from taking you down, plus many other benefits.    




See ATTACHED:  IS EVERYONE BORN... for the latest dope-- or is it simply another “ka ching” racket for the medical profession?




ONE of the most impressive studies I have ever read came from observational research done by Dr. Weston Price, an Ohio dentist, the work first published in 1939 as the text, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, now available through the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation,, website  Quoting from the back cover of my edition, “.... For nearly 10 years, Weston Price and his wife traveled around the world in search of the secret to health. Instead of looking at people afflicted with disease symptoms, this highly-respected dentist and dental researcher chose to focus on healthy individuals, and challenged himself to understand how they achieved such amazing health. Dr. Price traveled to hundreds of cities in a total of 14 different countries in his search to find healthy people. He investigated some of the most remote areas in the world. He observed perfect dental arches, minimal tooth decay, high immunity to tuberculosis and overall excellent health in those groups of people who ate their indigenous foods. He found when these people were introduced to modernized foods, such as white flour, white sugar, refined vegetable oils and canned goods, signs of degeneration quickly became quite evident. Dental caries, deformed jaw structures, crooked teeth, arthritis and a low immunity to tuberculosis became rampant amongst them....”


If you buy the book and read it, you will come upon a practice of at least one of the “primitive” cultures whereby the young women, soon to be of childbearing age, are fed a special diet to make them sufficiently healthy to bear healthy children.  Could be that the scientists who discovered the importance of pre-pregnancy diet might have peeked at the book, but I’d bet they’d never own up to having read it!  



The latitude behavior of the condition Multiple Sclerosis has been well known for years-- people in equatorial latitudes (even in the southern U.S.) are known to have less MS than those of us in the northern latitudes.  Many have long suspected that the important factor is that there is more sunlight exposure in lower latitudes and therefore the vitamin D levels of the population are likely to be higher near the equator than further north.  Finally, a “medical” means of understanding what’s going on.  SEE ATTACHED:  MS CAUSED BY LOW VITAMIN D?”  


I might parenthetically add that when differences are found in the mental or physical health of African-American people compared to lighter skinned folks, the first thing that I would expect to find is that the serum vitamin D levels are almost certain to be lower in those with darker skins.  (I wonder what we’d find if we could stop the bloodshed long enough to test the vitamin D levels in the Mid-East “terrorist” groups? )    


NEXT BODYTALK-TRACY EVENT SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19TH.  You already know something about the value of BodyTalk as a holistic, noninvasive means of improving overall health, done on the body’s own schedule of “what it feels needs improvement first”.  On Saturday, we’ll work with folks wanting BT sessions as well as those coming for other therapies, such as EFT and hypnosis.  On this special day, these will be at special prices-- likely $35 for BT sessions, and $40 per hour (half price) for hypnosis and EFT.  Call ahead, session slots are always limited and usually full.  (507) 629 3900 or <> by email.  Lookin’ forward to working with ya!


BodyTalk, EFT, Hypnosis, and Stomach bacteria-- (foe or friend?)

Another opportunity for a BodyTalk session coming up August 18 & 19th, here at our Tracy clinic!  We have a few spots still open for “newbies” (those having their first session) and for “oldies”.  Call us at (507) 629 3900 or (507) 626 0487 to schedule!  

Our flagship BT practitioner Angela Johnson will be here to help you move toward the health you deserve and want, and supporting her will be several Practitioners-In-Training. The’s usually do the initial session with those who’ve not experienced BT previously, and Angela then takes over with the second sessions and beyond.  Saves money for all, and saves time, too!  (Those who receive BodyTalk sessions say that the sessions are a little like taking a vitamin; you may or may not notice much in the first “dose”, but it gets better and better as you continue.  As the cost is reasonable, this seems to make a lot of sense for those who have chronic health issues.)  Know also that there will be a free informational session on the 19th of August, at 10 am, at our clinic, to help you learn more about keeping yourself healthy!


If you are new to BodyTalk, and most folks are, know that it’s noninvasive-- no meds, no needles-- only gentle communication with the body, moving it toward balance.  The underlying theory is that the body has the capacity to heal just about any health issues, IF it is aware of those health issues.  So, the communication is for the purpose of making sure the proper communication is there.  If you have ever experienced “muscle testing” by your chiropractor or other health worker, testing for allergies and such, then you’ll be right at home with BodyTalk.  In BodyTalk, the communication is very subtle and there’s no need to stretch out your arm with a packet of sugar in it!


Had a gentleman in a while back with a painful shoulder issue; he’d been in the Navy, the Marines, putting his body through things that we might not wish on our children.  I took 20 minutes to explain the process of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to him, then spent 15 minutes on the shoulder.  The pain disappeared.  Sometimes it comes back, we’re never sure that we ‘got’ it all, so made sure he knew he could return again at no extra charge to clean it up.  


And, worked with a lady who came with serious depression.  When she laid out some of her history, it seemed clear that the best way to help her to quash the effects of a long list of troubling memories, any of which could lead to depression, was through hypnosis. She was an excellent hypnosis subject.  Now, just so you know, the person who is IN CONTROL during hypnosis is the patient.  We therapists act as coaches to help in the experience, but it is entirely under the patient’s control, the way it should be.  Took several hours, but she’s better now; again, sometimes we don’t get it all with any  of these therapies, so takes some feedback to know whether more work is done. 


Here’s a hypnosis story about one client:  Her mother brought her in as a preteen, for she was suffering from migraines that no MD had a clue about how to treat.  Knowing that I did hypnosis, her mother wondered whether this gentle technique could help, so we did some work.  I helped her to relax, then asked her to “take me back” to some event in the past which may have had something to do with her migraines.  Bettie went back to a summer a few years earlier, when she and her family were at the Minnesota Zoo.  It was a hot July day, and the family decided to take a tour on the monorail which encircles the Zoo.  On this trip, they were about halfway around when the monorail lost power, and they were left sitting there in the hot sun, without A/C and without much water on board.  Finally, a half hour or so later, power was restored and they continued their trip, but were hot and very thirsty by the time they reached the station.  It seemed clear that this event was what was giving Bettie her migraines, so I asked her to go over the experience a few more times, and then we were done.  She became migraine free!  


At Helping to Heal, we use no prescription medications, no surgery, nothing that harms the body.  We work on conditions ranging from bed wetting to brain cancer, most of the time successfully.  


So, is there a downside to what we do?  Only this: Clients pay for “what we do”, out of pocket.  We do not work with insurance companies.  This keeps our overhead down, and remarkably few clients seem to be bothered by this “cash” basis business model.  After all, most patients have health insurance policies with a Deductible clause.  Perhaps the deductible is $1,000, sometimes $5,000, but the patient is responsible for paying health care expenses OUT OF POCKET until he/she reaches the amount of the deductible.  At that point, some payment may be forthcoming from the insurance company, IF they agree to it.  In talking to some of my patients, I hear that for a normal, reasonably healthy family, they scarcely if EVER pay enough out of pocket to reach the point where insurance kicks in.  So, the insurance that everyone pays big bucks for, is there in case of catastrophic conditions like cancer, but otherwise it’s a cash deal.  


A gentleman with bladder cancer is mulling over what to do for the condition; naturally, his MD docs are strongly recommending chemotherapy and radiation.  They probably did not tell him that, according to a 2004 study of some 6667 bladder cancer patients, chemotherapy apparently helped not one bit in improving the 5-year survival time. (Clin Oncol 2004 Dec; 16(8): 549-60).  I informed him that our nutritional treatment for bladder cancer would cost about the same as that of a good used F150 Ford pickup ($15,000 to $20,000), which is perhaps 10% of what treatment would cost him in a cancer hospital.  You can get a good sense of whether cancer is a money making endeavor from glancing at the size of the new cancer facilities going up in our cities. Look carefully before you allow others to experiment on you....


Have you been diagnosed with Helicobacter pylori as the “bad guy” messing with your stomach?  The conventional wisdom is that this bug should be eradicated.  Now comes information that the Helicobacter pylori has likely been with us for some 60,000 years, which tends to suggest that it has a useful role in human nutrition and function.  (In BodyTalk, we’re taught that a proper way to look at the microbes in the body is to aim for a kind of ecological MIX-- just because a bacteria in excess can cause problems does not mean that it should not be a component of the “right mix”.  This seems to be borne out with the Helicobacter pylori.  It was originally pinpointed as THE bad bacteria causing stomach ulcers.  Probably true in excess, maybe it’s actually a needed part of our body microbiome.  I’ll be sitting in on a webinar by Prothera Chief Science Officer Stephen F. Olmstead MD in a few days which will discuss the latest work on this critter. As humorist Will Rogers said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that can hurt you, it’s what you DO know that just ain’t so!”   


Treatment of Shingles....

You've seen the commercials for treatment of shingles, and if you are afflicted by that pesky condition, you're probably wondering if there's a safe way to treat it, short of medications and their side effects.  Here's how we sought to help "J", a recent client, whose condition seemed to appear regularly, in association with her monthly cycle:

1.  We found that the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques-- see our web page for details on that) was helpful for alleviating many of the immediate symptoms of the shingles.  In the process of doing that, the client learned to USE EFT, so that when/if the symptoms reappear, she'll have a tool to help her.

2.  Taking the approach that the appearance of the shingles is an indication that the strength of the immune system is down, we did some work on forgiveness.  It appeared that 'forgiveness of self' was at the top of the list, so we worked with that first. J seemed to be an ideal client for the use of EFT in forgiveness; her "number" dropped rapidly from a "10" (not a CHANCE of forgiveness) to a "zero" (completely ready to forgive herself), in the space of 15 minutes.  Then, understanding that there were likely OTHERS who, if THEY were forgiven, would bring down her stress level even more, we threw a loop in cowboy fashion and gathered in a big group of folks for her forgiveness.  That went to zero in jig time.  

I sent J home with colloidal silver, some high quality (non corn) vitamin C to be taken in conjunction with the silver, and the recommendation that she concurrently take a quality probiotic.  (Colloidal silver, being antibiotic as well as antifungal and antiviral, will be hard on the gut bacteria, so they need to replenished with the aid of the probiotic.)  

I think that may do the job; it may take a month or so of treatment-- (this is pretty much the same treatment we use for MRSA, and we like to treat MRSA cases for a couple of months, just to be sure...)  

So what's next?  We know how to treat many cancers, in this case using large amounts of the non corn vitamin C, plus other nutritionals, and I have great respect for BodyTalk as a means to alleviate many other conditions.  What condition do YOU have that is stubborn??




What you've always wanted to know about BodyTalk...


(This is a note for the many of you who have had BodyTalk work with us in the past, so that you know we're "doin' it again" July 24 & 25th.  It is ALSO  for those folks who have been observing from the sidelines, wondering if BodyTalk can help THEM...!)

For current and former BT clients, we expect to have our usual full schedule beginning Friday morning July 24 and continuing on through Saturday late afternoon.  Give me a call as to the time and day which would work best for you, and I'll do my best to create a schedule which is helpful to all!

NOW, for everybody else, here are a few words about this therapy called "BodyTalk".....

Q.  Why the strange name?  Why is it called "BodyTalk"?
A.  This therapy takes the position that, better than any physician, better than any medical tests, YOUR BODY knows what it needs in order for you to feel better.  So, you might say that the therapist "talks" to the body, hence the name.  Healthcare providers such as chiropractors, psychologists, hypnotherapists and even a few psychiatrists have been doing this "communication" for a long time.  After a BodyTalk session, the usual result is that the client feels better.   

Q.  Can BodyTalk fix MY health problem?  My doctor says he doesn't know of a cure for what I have...?
A.   The BodyTalk approach is to balance the body's systems, so that they work better together.  We don't promise that we will "fix" anything, but our experience is that after a session or two, you will just feel better-- the symptoms you originally came in with may simply not seem that important any more.  If you were to describe your experience to a friend who's an auto mechanic, he might say, "Wow, you had a great TUNE UP!!"  

Q.  Has there been any published research on BodyTalk?  
A.  Yes, some very good stuff was recently published in the Journal of Pain Management 2015, vol. 7, #4.  If you call me at the office, I'll send you a copy of the paper. (507) 629 3900.

Q.  Is anyone else doing this work?  
A.  BodyTalk is being used for healthcare in more than 50 countries at last report.  There are currently a half dozen practitioners in Minnesota, most of them in the Tracy area, actually.  (A Mayo Clinic nurse is a practitioner in Rochester, and we know of two practitioners in the Twin Cities.)  

Q.  Will it hurt me?  
A.  Let's put it this way:  Professional Liability Insurance for a BodyTalk practitioner costs $150 to $199 per year.  Malpractice insurance for a MD costs thousands of dollars annually.  NO Minnesota license is needed to practice BodyTalk.  Your hairdresser, your plumber, your electrician, your real estate agent ALL need licensure to do THEIR work.  From that perspective, BodyTalk work is at least as safe as your hairdresser!  

Q.  How long does a session last?  What does it cost?
A.  An introductory session typically takes 1 to 2 hours. Part of that time is to give the therapist time to get to know you.  We couldn't do ANYTHING in the 15 minutes people are allowed in an appointment with a physician.  Fees for our practitioners-in-training are $35, a bit more for highly experienced practitioners.  

Q.  No meds?  No harm?  No pain?  And I'll probably feel better?
A.  That's about right.  I think you'll like BodyTalk....  To learn more or to set up an appointment, call me at (507) 629 3900 or email at .  We'll talk....




Next BodyTalk weekend July 24 &25th. Help us Spread The Word!

NEXT BodyTalk Weekend July 24 & 25th, in Tracy, MN!

As you know, we’ve been having regular weekends set aside for BodyTalk work for our clients of this area.  The next one is scheduled for July 24 and 25th, 2015, Friday and Saturday.  In this case, we plan to have several more openings for BT clients, for we’re planning to have as many as 7 BodyTalk workers available.  One is Angela Johnson, certified, highly skilled and  experienced, but several more are practitioners-in-training who are learning to do the process.  Since we have three treatment rooms, we can help a great many folks in these two days.  (The practitioners-in-training will be charging only $35 or so per practice session, so if funds are an issue, you can specify whether you’d like to do your work with a certified practitioner or one who is on the journey to BECOME certified, at a lesser cost.)  We also expect to have a FREE intro class for the community, currently scheduled for 10 am on Saturday morning.   If you know a firefighter, First Responder, EMT, nurse or other health care professional, please call them.  



BodyTalk and the other things we do here can help all of us to be healthier, but sometimes I think our little clinic is the best kept secret in the neighborhood.  Can YOU help?   Would YOU be able to put up some posters for us in your home town?  If you can help by posting the 81/2 x 11 inch flyers in the local grocery or other public spots, please call me at 507 629 3900.  I will mail you the number of posters you wish, and, well, here’s the deal:  We’ll compensate you $5 for every client who sees one of your posters, and who then arranges to have a BodyTalk session, BodyTalk practice-session or any other kind of therapy (EFT, hypnosis, nutrition, massage, detox) with one of our therapists.  Our service area covers the continental U.S., as several of our services can be done with distance work.  So, wherever you are in the continental U.S., our work can help you and your neighbors, and You can help us and get something in return.  Call us so that we can both benefit and improve the world!