Subtle Energy Healing

Q. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between a living creature and the same creature, recently deceased?

A. Energy healers would respond that it is the body’s subtle energies that make that difference. Since antiquity, we seem to have “known” that surrounding the body, indeed permeating it, is a “something” which is identifiable with life. Portraits of Jesus and other highly developed spiritual entities will frequently show this “halo” about the head. It has even been suggested that the crowns of ancient rulers were intended to be representations of this glow, perhaps to indicate to the people that the rulers possessed some special qualities. Now, even the local high school homecoming queen is adorned with a “crown” to suggest that there is something very special about her.

I (CR writing) first learned to “see” these energy fields in 1998, while attending a conference. At a break, I approached a lady with whom I had briefly spoken previously, and said, “I would really like to be able to see these energy fields that you speak so much about!” She responded, somewhat haughtily, “Oh, you would, would you? Look down at my fingertips!” Quite to my amazement, I saw a kind of “blue flame” emanating from her fingers. It was a definite, bright blue--no mental tricks there--I saw it!

A few moments later, still recovering from this impromptu spectacle, I took my seat at the workshop I was attending. Bored by the plodding presentation, I entertained myself by attempting to see some sort of emanations about the heads of some of the participants sitting in front of me. Quite to my surprise, I could easily pick up a gentle glow around the upper part of the head, especially when I used “soft eyes” to gaze past the individual. An “off white” wall coloration seemed to help me perceive it. I saw no colors in these fields, simply a kind of dusky white, and the shapes were NOT the symmetrical halos seen in paintings of religious figures. Several had definite spikes, others seemed “lumpy” like a cumulus cloud on a sunny day. But energy fields they were...

Later, in the training I underwent with Mietek Wirkus in Bethesda and with Qigong master Chun Yi Lin in Minneapolis, it became quite commonplace to see these fields, especially around my own hands, but also near the bodies of my clients. I found that with some training and experience, I could also “feel” the fields of the clients, especially at a kind of boundary 3 to 4 inches from the skin, and could use the location of this boundary as an indicator of regions which could benefit from my healing assistance.

Q. WHAT DO ENERGY HEALERS ACTUALLY DO when they interact with the field of the patient?

A. There seem to be at least two points of view. One way to look at the effect is that the healer is physically “adding energy” to the field of the patient, where this energy is of a kind and quality which can be easily absorbed by the patient and integrated with her own energy field. Metaphorically speaking, one can add energy to a stalled automobile simply by setting fire to a piece of paper inside the passenger compartment, but this does little to make the vehicle move. On the other hand, one can also add energy of a higher quality and organization by filling the tank with gasoline--this may be more effective!

A second way to look at energy healing extends the first concept. We know, of course, that energy fields can sometimes involve huge amounts of information, for example the electromagnetic energy fields emanating from a radio tower. In similar fashion, the energy fields permeating a living organism are much more than simply a demonstration that the body is “alive” and therefore giving off “heat and light”. They are also fields of information. Some researchers suggest that it is these subtle energy fields and the information which they contain, which communicate information to the cells of the body, so that the cells “know what to do” in the process of living. It may be expected that an experienced energy healer is also communicating information to the patient, of a sort intended to help the patient heal.

When I first encountered this philosophy, I had to ask myself, “Does this mean that if I’m to be a “healer”, I must have a detailed knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to know what needs to be changed in the patient, and communicate said information TO the patient’s energy fields?" Apparently not.
Another metaphor: I am a happy “Mac” computer user, and my screen is constantly filled with icons which represent the information I seek, or the processes I wish to engage. Perhaps the folks who built the computer know what happens internally when I click my mouse on an icon, but I don’t know and I don’t need to know. This “graphical interface” between me and my box of electronics is nicely designed so that I don’t have to think about the details. When I decide to move my fingers to pick up a water bottle over on my desk, I do not have to think in detail about what muscles to move and with what force they need to grasp the bottle. That is taken care of by the subsystems in my body.

When a healer approaches a patient who has a broken bone, it of course does no harm to know that the calcium ions must migrate to the site and arrange themselves in a certain matrix. On the other hand, it is usually sufficient for the healer to have the specific intention that the break shall be “healed”, made strong again.

Intentionality is extremely important in the healing process. As Qigong master healer Kenneth S. Cohen notes in his book, The Way of Qigong, one school of thought holds that, ‘Intent guides the qi to produce healing.’ In other words, the energy “qi” requires specific intention from the healer, so that it knows “what to do and where to go”. However, another school holds that intent, of itself, can cause healing--intent is the healing power and thus is synonymous with qi. The latter makes sense to me when I think about the distance healing I do. I can readily comprehend the communication of “information and intent” to the patient, as though it were a message through the mails.


A. A recent internet search by Google found about 147,000 hits for “subtle energy healing”. There is much interest and seemingly many forms. I (CR writing) was trained in Qigong, in “Bioenergy”, a special form of subtle energy healing combining methods from a number of different cultures taught by Mietek Wirkus, and Reiki, a Japanese form of subtle energy healing. At our clinic, I use a mixture of Qigong and bioenergy. Master Wu uses a special form of Qigong plus acupressure, as taught to him by Chinese masters some 30 years ago, and which he has been practicing for more than 30 years. Qigong literally means “working with the energy of life”. In this philosophy, “qi’ refers to subtle energy. In the philosophy of ancient India, on the other hand, the word “prana” is used to describe the same phenomenon. Although other words and somewhat different practices are used in various cultures, the “bottom lines” seem to be the same, in purpose and philosophy.

Q. WHAT WILL I EXPERIENCE when I am “worked on” by an energy healer, such as Master Wu or Charles?

A. You probably know what a chiropractic adjustment feels like: physical manipulation of the joints to bring about better health. Expect some soreness for a day or so, while the body becomes accustomed to its new “position”. The same is true of massage-- physical manipulation of the muscles to clear toxins, stress, and such. With subtle energy work, there may be no need for physical touch, as the healer works with the external fields from a few inches to perhaps a foot from the body. (Sometimes subtle energy work is combined with other modalities, such as acupressure, to bring about more rapid healing. This may involve temporary, mild discomfort.) You may feel tingling, heat, sometimes even a gurgling of the stomach as the energy systems are changing. When the healer has finished his part of the work, you may simply lie on the table, relaxing/dozing for the next 30 to 60 minutes. When you awaken, ready to leave for your daily activities, expect to feel relaxed and refreshed.


A. Frankly, we don’t know the limits of energy healing. As a physicist, however (CR writing), it is my view that, since the body is fundamentally a sophisticated energy system, the best means of healing this energy system may itself be an energy tool. Therefore, I would suggest that energy healing can be used to heal virtually any condition or disease, subject to the Will of our Creator.

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