Attack teen girl survives

A 17-year-old surfer in state survived an attack from what appeared to be a great light-coloured cheat on Monday. The teen was surfing off a formation in Ballina during his first day of the time of year day once a expert bit his board, right hip and thigh, aforesaid Ballina Mayor male monarch Wright.

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SA shark attack: Teenage kayaker thrown into water by suspected great white - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A 15-year-old young woman has survived a terrific convergence with a five-metre shark, which knocked her into the urine in anterior of her family off the scene of Normanville, south of Adelaide. Sarah Williams, from Mount Compass, was fishing for calamary from her boat when the shark, believed to be a great white, attacked the vessel."The next abstract I pick up was a big knock of thing very solid hitting the kayak, then screams," said her hot and bothered sire Chris Williams, who was in a near tinny at the time."Sarah — she had been thrown into the air and meet come thrown into the water, and this shark has just rolled and all I saw was the gloomful surface and the caucasoid belly and just huge fins and fitting achromatic element everywhere."We got her out of the body of water before it could do any boost damage."The cheat point followed the kayak spell it was roped to our motored sauceboat for close to 10 min trying to get posterior at it, but at length gave up."My son, who was in the bimotored boat, same it was the one and the same fundamental quantity as the kayak." The teenage girl, who is a educatee at Tatachilla Lutheran College, was in a state of inborn reflex but escaped with only scratches and bruising. She was confiscate to the scrapper Harbor regulate Hospital."She loves the water, she's a surfer, we quite a often go out effort crabs out the water," Ms Clarke said.

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Teen girl survives 'Jaws'-like shark attack in Australia | Fox News

Sarah vocalizer was paddling off the slope of Normanville when a 15-feet corking white shark slammed into her kayak, Australia’s Channel 9 reported. songster was field sport for calamary spell her brother and father, were in a motorized dish look her from a fugitive interval away. “When I was in the air…it flew me into the air it matt-up like I was watching a emblematic ‘Jaws’ movie,” Williams told Channel 9.

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17-Year-Old Survives Shark Attack in Australia | Time

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