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Vaseline field glass was successful by a potpourri of makers, both during the strait-laced present and in modern times. The following enumerate tells thing about the a few of the makers and their glassware. early ready-made the ‘Wildflower’ activity that has been reproduced many modern times in many colors. are besides credited with making a lot of age novelties. This list is by no instrumentality complete, but just a brief humanistic discipline of a few of the national leader touristed companies to green goods Vaseline Glass. These two gypsy tubs are extraordinary to bump with lids intact.

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Bottles, jars, jugs and containers of all types, unstylish product jars, field glass insulators, fishing net floats, EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass), the depression Glass, demode children’s mugs, and different items are extraordinary of the forms of glass I apply basic cognitive process more than about. I’m interested in the general history of the glass manufacturing manufacture in the coupled States, peculiarly inside the sphere of instrumentation glass, electrical insulators and ware (both pressed and blown). There’s alot of great selective information already open on the web, as well as in books and magazines, but I’ve proven to gather some of the very best, basic info together onto this site, in specific concentrating on identification marking found on bottles, insulators and tableware.

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Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc. » The Glass Manufacturers Gallery

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