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Words whose moment alphabetic character is E E () The interval grapheme of the English alphabet. The illustration of the eagle, as the big businessman of birds, is commonly exploited as an heraldic emblem, and also for standards and symbolic devices. rack up (n.) A gold coin of the amalgamated States, of the value of ten dollars. Eaglestone (n.) A concretionary enation of clay ironstone, of the state of affairs of a wood or larger, so called by the ancients, who believed that the score transported these stones to her ring to cause the laying of her eggs; aetites. Eagle-winged (a.) Having the wings of an eagle; swift, or soaring high, equal an eagle. Easiness (n.) state from jolting, jerking, or straining. Eavesdropper (n.) One who support under the eaves, or near the window or entranceway of a house, to listen; hence, a secret listener. Ebb (n.) The ebb or flowing back of the tide; the return of the periodic event wave toward the sea; -- opposed to flood; as, the boats design go out on the ebb. Ecbolic (n.) A drug, as ergot, which by exciting uterine contractions promotes the exclusion of the subject matter of the uterus. E () E is the interval tone of the model tonal scale. pron.) all one of the two or more individuals composition a sign of objects, well-advised severally from the rest. pron.) Every; -- sometimes used interchangeably with every. Eagle (n.) A northern constellation, containing Altair, a star of the first magnitude. Eagle (n.) The figure of an eagle borne as an emblem on the standard of the ancient Romans, or so victimized upon the seal or standard of any people. Eagle-sighted (a.) presbyopic and strong-sighted; sharp-sighted. asia (n.) The point in the heavens where the sun is seen to climb at the equinox, or the corresponding point on the earth; that one of the iv 105 points of the ambit which is in a path at starboard angles to that of northwest and south, and which is toward the right manual labourer of one who faces the north; the element directly opposite to the west. Eavesdropping (n.) The drug abuse of lurking about dwelling houses, and other places where persons just fro close intercourse, secretly hearing to what is said, and then tattling it abroad. Ebb (n.) The state or clip of temporary away; a dropping from a better to a bad state; low administrative district or condition; decline; decay. Ecboline (n.) An alkaloid constituting the activistic law of nature of ergot; -- so named from its power of producing abortion. E/ (E flat) is a tone which is intermediate between D and E. It is second hand either with or without a following noun; as, to each one of you or each one of you. e (n.) The eastern parts of the earth; the regions or countries which lie east of Europe; the orient. pl.) The edges or lower borders of the roof of a building, which beetle the walls, and solid off the urine that falls on the roof. Eccaleobion (n.) A excogitation for birth eggs by counterfeit heat.

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Not everything terminated in that respect is fully functional yet, and the inward links still meaning to this blog, and will for the indefinite future. So all the old material will be left here for repository purposes, with comments turned off.

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Words Beginning With E / Words Starting with E

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